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With the of George W. Bush to the presidency, he and theother right-wing pseudo-Christians, never having been content to merely opposeand destroy government programs one at a time without offering anything intheir place, now have the goal of an all-at-once, wholesale destruction ofgovernment efforts to help the "least of these." In effect, theydon't want to tackle and restrain the good Samaritans one by one, they want todisable them all in one fell swoop. The ? Massive tax cuts creating such huge deficits that existing government programsare decimated to the point of collapse, with no possibility of any newly neededprograms being enacted.

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Existence Of Aliens Essay Examples

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Here andthroughout this essay, please note that I do not cite the Pope's writings aboutany particular socio-economic issue as evidence of the validity of his analysisof that issue – although I do believe that his various analyses I cite valid – but rather, for the proposition that his analyses determine whatMatthew 25 requires of Catholics.

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of course, as I repeat throughout this essay, the means of delivering help doesnot have be through government. Micro-loans to impoverished women to startbusinesses, made by bank-like organizations started for these purposes, have much in Bangladesh, Mexico and elsewhere. The key here is, as always, that ifright-wing pseudo-Christians oppose the government being involved, they must –to avoid violating Matthew 25 -- present their own which will help at least the same number of people thesame amount, as soon and as certainly. It's not enough for right-wingpseudo-Christians to simply express vague hopes that some of their pet economictheories will produce the desired result.

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What a joke isthis harping on the "illegal" nature of much immigration. Everyoneknows that businesses, and hence the government, apply the"wink-and-nod" approach here: the businesses want the cheap labor,and the political parties want votes from these ethnic blocs. The"illegality" is about as serious as jaywalking. And please don'twrite to harangue me about how we have to protect ourselves against terroristswho enter the country illegally. I agree: crimes of terrorism ofthe first magnitude, and the illegal entry of terrorists beprevented. But let's keep separate things separate. Don't falsely invoketerrorism to demonize and make dangerous criminals of the lettuce pickers whocross the Rio Grande so you can eat your dinner salad tonight.

In your essay on aliens you will just have to try to answer the question. Still, without facts and evidences it will be hard to give any answer.

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