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In order to show the extreme danger of trusting all thelegislative power of a State to a single representation, Ishall beg leave to transcribe a few sentences from a letter,written by Mr. , to one of his friends in NorthCarolina, who requested him to favour him with a plan ofgovernment for that State above a twelve-month ago. Thisillustrious Citizen, who is second to no man in America, inan inflexible attachment to the liberties of this country,and to republican forms of government, writes as follows,

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I might go on further and show, that all the dissentionsof Athens and Rome, so dreadful in their nature, and sofatal in their consequences, originated in single Assembliespossessing all the power of those commonwealths; but thiswould be the business of a volume, and not of a singleessay.--I shall therefore pass on, to answer the various argumentsthat have been used in Pennsylvania, in supportof a single legislature.

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Arguments against appointment o Distorted by PM's appointment in the same way as lower house's ambition for cabinet
 Depends on length of tenure / whether can gain 2nd term / retire strategically Aristocracy? Aristotle, Harrington etc suggest that people vote for the best legislator, more likely to return aristocracy - and that that is a good thing

"To Secure the Blessings of Liberty": Liberty and American Federal Democracy
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Anarky is a fictional character, appearing in comic books published by DC Comics

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