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"An Arabic Optical Braille Recognition System" in Proceedings of the First International Conference in Information and Communication Technology & Accessibility ICTA‟07, Tunisia, pp.

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The immense personal legacy of Louis Braille was described in a 1952 essay by T.S

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I know it didn't help when I would throw my braille books across the room. But Debbie would let me stomp off, not pick up the books, and wait until I came back. She was also there for me when I was learning how to type, to use the to write braille, and do a few things for myself around the home.

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Do you enjoy reading for pleasure? Do you like taking educational courses? Do you have a job that requires reading? Are you interested in reading for religious or spiritual purposes? If so, you might enjoy the challenge of learning Literary Braille. Like any new skill, it can take a while to learn—perhaps a year or more of weekly lessons—but can be well worth your time investment if you are an avid reader.

But with advancement many products developed, failed to address issues like cost, portability, expanse in mass society and education etc.
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Allen, Seong Hyok Kim, Xiaosong Wu ,"Portable Pneumatically Actuated Refreshable Braille Cell‟, The 14th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, Lyon, France, pp.

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Other individuals, depending upon their eye condition or conditions, can see better on some days than on others. During those times, these individuals can use braille as a backup or secondary system for .

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