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Chris Ofili's work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Tate Gallery, London; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh; the Saatchi Collection, London; the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among others. Chris Ofili currently lives and works in Trinidad.

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Writer and scholar Fred Moten responds to Chris Ofili's work in a lecture at The New Museum.

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By BI: The New York Times’ hypocrisy regarding displays of “offensive” religious imagery runs unabated. An article yesterday about the sale of Chris Ofili’s controversial painting showing the Virgin Mary clotted with elephant dung against a porn-collage background, was accompanied by a photo (below) of the offensive work. Newsbusters Yet when the paper refused to reprint a cartoon of …

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I’d like to add that I’m a Christian and the idea of elephant dung on the Virgin Mary is repulsive, but I live in a free society where I am free to go or not go to see this piece of crap.

In 1998 Chris Ofili won the Turner prize, the first black artist to do so.

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Chris Ofili is all too aware of ethnic categorizing in the art world, which expects a black artist to be naïve, tribal or shamanistic, as he declares about his six week trip to Zimbabwe: "It's a great country, but it's a foreign country for me and the idea of looking for your roots and stuff is ridiculous."

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This breadth of allusion is emphatic in the 'Captain Shit' series which features a black superhero inspired by 1970s comic books, surrounded by a band of black stars. The humorous aspect of the depiction of an ostensibly powerful but also vulnerable superhero is recurrent in Chris Ofili's early work.

You could definitely say that description fits The Holy Virgin Mary by Chris Ofili perfectly.

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View Chris Ofili’s painting, Holy Virgin Mary. Research the background of the Sensation exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Do you think this type of art should be banned? Consider censorship cases in the history of art when responding.

Chris Ofili did not mean for his work to be offensive, but rather, meant to honor the Virgin Mary using traditional African symbolism.

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Chris Ofili's paintings are concerned with issues of black identity and experience and frequently employ racial stereotypes in order to challenge them. Thus in the painting 'Afrodizzia' (1996; London, Saatchi Gal.), the work makes reference to the stereotype of black sexual potency, and magazine cut-out faces are given 1970s Afro hairstyles, their names written in pinheads on lumps of dung. Chris Ofili draws on a wide range of cultural references; from the Bible to jazz and hip hop music, from Blake and Rodin to pornographic magazines.

Without being told, it is unlikely that anyone looking at Ofili’s painting would believe that it is of the Virgin Mary.

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Chris Ofili has placed dung in a paper bag for his instalment 'Bags of Shit' and in 1993, and held a 'Shit Sale' in Brick Lane Market in London. Chris Ofili has played with the street parlance of "Shit" as drugs, and the fact that some people have assumed he was selling drugs because of his dreadlocked hairstyle - hence his work 'Shithead', a piece of elephant dung, which resembles hashish, incorporating his own hair.