Bernays deserves recognition far greater than that which he receives.

When a mildly reformist Guatemala government attempted to reign in the company's power, Bernays whipped up media and political sentiment against it in the commie-crazed 1950s.

The author Larry Tye describes Bernay’s in a very positive light.

As relayed by Larry Tye, Edward Bernay’s genius is undeniable.

Tye writes that "Bernays' papers .

Bernays if we are to understand what Hill and Knowlton did in Iraq--not to mention how Richard Nixon was able to dig his way out of his post-Watergate depths and remake himself into an elder statesman worthy of a lavish state funeral, how Richard Morris repositioned President Bill Clinton as an ideological centrist in order to get him reelected, and how most other modern-day miracles of public relations are conceived and carried out."
Many of the new insights that Tye offers have to do with Bernays's relationship with his family and his uncle Sigmund Freud, whose reputation as "the father of psychoanalysis" owes something to Bernays' publicity efforts.

But Bernays saved every scrap of paper he sent out or took in.

Bernays regarded Uncle Sigmund as a mentor, and used Freud's insights into the human psyche and motivation to design his PR campaigns, while also trading on his famous uncle's name to inflate his own stature.

The Father of Spin is a bit too fawning and uncritical of Bernays and his profession.

Documentary, Edward Bernays - Century of Self by Adam Curtis

In so doing, he let us see just how policies were made and how, in many cases, they were founded on deception."
In an industry that is notable for its mastery of evasions and euphemisms, Bernays stood out for his remarkable frankness.

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We recommend it, however, for its new insights into Bernays, many of which are based on a first-time-ever examination of the 80 boxes of papers and documents that Bernays left to the Library of Congress.

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(In an interview with Bill Moyers, Bernays said that what he did was propaganda, and that he just "hoped it was 'proper-ganda' and not 'improper-ganda.'")
Bernays' life was amazing in many ways.

On occasion, Bernays himself recoiled from the anti-democratic implications of his theory.

Central to these developments was Edward Bernays

Bernays defined the profession of "counsel on public relations" as a "practicing social scientist" whose "competence is like that of the industrial engineer, the management engineer, or the investment counselor in their respective fields." To assist clients, PR counselors used "understanding of the behavioral sciences and applying them - sociology, social psychology, anthropology, history, etc."

This essay examines Bernay’s influence on society.

The Coolidge-Conservation collection calls attention to the careers of four major publicists during the 1920s: two advertising men, Claude Hopkins of the Chicago agency Lord & Thomas and Bruce Barton of Batten, Barton, Durstine, and Osborne; and two public relations agents, Ivy L. Lee and Edward L. Bernays. Hopkins and Barton embody the driven ad-man image; both seem to be have suffered nervous breakdowns at one time or another in their careers. Bernays, on the other hand, seems to have been consistently energized by his career as "Public Relations Counsel."

Larry Tye was not very hard on the negatives of Bernays and his practices and in that sense the book may appear somewhat one-sided.

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