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Sociologists have also paid attention to the consequences of inequality, and the ways in which inequalities are reproduced and transmitted from generation to generation.

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The term can also be used to specify increase of poverty due to gender inequalities.

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By analyzing the theories of political philosophers, Robert Nozick and John Rawls, it is clear that wealth inequality is morally justified, as long as equal opportunity and concern for justice among a society is provided under certain conditions. Wealth inequality relates to race, gen...

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The fact that textbooks show males as being more successful than females, that teachers set assignments which reinforce gender stereotypes and sex roles, the fact that "masculine" behaviour is reinforced while "feminine" behaviour is condemned, and the fact that women
are encouraged to choose certain career paths all validate the claim that the
gender inequality in employment situations can be directly related to the way
that children are educated.

Gender inequality is one of the major problems faced by the human society.

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In order to investigate the possible contribution of this practice to gender inequality, this paper focuses on how gender and social class has perpetuated inequality within the society and brings up possible solutions to control it....

There are two dominant perspectives that illustrate two different viewpoints of gender inequality.

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Statistical studies of low income generally focus on the family. Using the family as the unit of measure hides the rate of women’s economic inequality as men’s higher incomes (due in part to men’s greater likelihood of having higher paid, fullyear, full-time jobs) is likely to raise the total family income above the Statistics Canada measures of low income. This report looks at the frequency with which women, whether they are in relationships or not, earn lower incomes in comparison with men.

Gender inequality is almost always prominent towards a female rather than towards a male.

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According to Ridgeway (2011), gender inequality is regarded as an affair which the majority members of one sex is advantaged than the majority members of the other sex.

Racism and Gender inequality follow extremely similar lines however the line of gender inequality is not always clear....

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throughout this course, the authors discuss the causes and solutions of social problems such as the inequality towards sexual orientation, gender, race and poverty, from a systemic perspective....