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Even if we strive to provide plenty of speaking practice, it's probably a good idea to include time for writing as a regular thread in lessons. Writing gives learners time to be reflective, to experiment and see the results of their attempts, to stop and consider 'Is this OK?', 'Is this really what I want to say?', 'Is there a better way of expressing this?' – and to consult dictionaries, grammar books, other learners and the teacher to help them answer their questions and doubts. Sometimes we might specify the content of writing exercises precisely, and on other occasions we can give a more open-ended instruction such as: 'Write some of the sentences that we've been practising (orally) in this lesson' or 'Write a paragraph using some vocabulary that was new for you in this lesson.'

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A discussion on the use of the grammar translation method in English teaching.

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For left-brained students who respond well to rules, structure and correction, the grammar-translation method can provide a challenging and even intriguing classroom environment.

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For those students who don't respond well to such structures, however, it is obvious that the grammar-translation method must be tempered with other approaches to create a more flexible and conducive methodology.

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What is your name?
My name is ....
What is your telephone number?
His name is ....

Ask for volunteers to provide the German equivalents of several stock phrases they should already know, using possessive adjectives which are already familiar to them ( , , perhaps ).

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as a response to the Grammar-Translation method.

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In this method the teaching is done entirely in the target language. The learner is notallowed to use his or her mother tongue. Grammar rules are avoided and there is emphasison good pronunciation. []

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closely associated with the Grammar Translation Method.

If Joseph received everything by revelation then why are Joseph's explanations of the three facsimiles totally wrong? Would God give incorrect revelation to Joseph? Every non-Mormon Egyptologist that has examined the facsimiles has said that Joseph's translation of the three facsimiles is totally wrong regardless of whether he came up with his explanations via translation or revelation or some other method.

It was developed as a reaction to the grammar-translation method of teaching foreign languages

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People have been learning foreign languages, more or less successfully, ever since the Tower of Babel, using all sorts of methods and techniques, with and without teachers, books and so on. Perhaps it's useful to think in terms of methods to the extent that some of them will be better suited than others to particular learning styles, or particular cultural and educational traditions, but at the same time it's vital to remember that there are much more fundamental factors that determine success in language learning. What are they? Well, here's my shopping list. I think you need: