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The essay "Beyond Interpellation" (1993) of Mladen Dolar is largely based on his obsession of "a clean cut which can be followed on different levels" (p.75) existing in Althusserian theory.

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Speaking of reproduction, remember Althusser on interpellation

Terry Eagleton, , pp. 96-7. See also p. 121 for a similar point. My critique of the coherence of Robinson's tradition as a causal concept does not mean that the concept cannot continue to be used descriptively as long as these concepts do not become quasi-causal or essentialist. Descriptively, we will continue to talk of a Black Radical Tradition as well as American Radical Traditions and English, French, Indian, Sri Lankan, Chinese. My point is not necessarily to stop using such language but to be aware of the pitfalls of reifying what are in many ways arbitrary notions.

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The criticism has often been made that Althusser's concept of interpellation in the service of social reproduction is a kind of bad functionalism, allowing no resistance. I think this criticism is just though it must be said that the essay in question on ideology is quite contradictory. See "Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses," in Louis Althusser, (New York: Monthly Review, 1971).

Interpellation is perhaps one of the most problematic theses developed by Althusser
I will apply Louis Althusser’s concept of interpellation in “Ideology and Ideological State ..

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Must compile a modern hypomnemata. hypomnemata should comprise a selection of extracts, examples and quotations drawn from a variety of different cultural artefacts. This may include a few sentences from a novel or newspaper, could include images from a magazine or website; might include a short account of an incident that you see on television or heard on the radio; could include a sample from the lyrics of a song; etc.
MUST choose four examples of contemporary culture, split into 4 different entries. Must use the theoretical perspectives (in the readings provided) to reflect on and analyse the cultural artefact. You must employ four of the theoretical approaches in total (all theoretical approaches detailed in the text below). Main aim is to analyse modern cultural artefacts and do analyse them using at least 4 different theoretical perspectives offered. EXAMPLE: Thus, you might include in your hypomnemata just a single cutting from
Heat magazine, and then analyse it in terms of what Gabriel and Lang say about
consumers (Consuming Subject), McLuhan’s discussion of technological extension
(Extended Subject), Althusser’s notion of interpellation (Interpellated Subject), and
Barthes’ critique of authorial intention (Writing Subject). Alternatively, you might provide
a short description of an incident that occurred in the film The Shawshank Redemption
and then discuss it in terms of the mirror stage (Reflected Subject), an extract from an
online news site which you discuss in terms of socially constructed taxonomies
(Taxonomic Subject), and finally a series of images from a digital game which illustrate
particularly well the concepts both of consumers (Consuming Subject) and cyborgs
(Cyborg Subject).

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First proposed by Louis Althusser in his essay "Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses (Notes Towards an Investigation)" (1971), "interpellation" was defined as a process through which concrete individuals are addressed by ideology and then are produced as subjects.

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As Althusser understands them, whatever conceptions we have of thenature of human beings or about the proper function of the state arehistorically generated and serve to reproduce existing socialrelations. In other words, they are ideological. Apart from thenecessity of human beings to engage in productive relations with otherhuman beings and with their environment in order to produce their meansof subsistence, there is no human nature or essence. This is the coreof Althusser's “anti-humanist” position. Further,though some order must exist in order to allow for the production andreproduction of social life, there is no essential or best form thatthis order must take. This is not to say that human beings do notconceive of or strive for the best order for social life or that theydo not believe that they are essentially free or equal and deservingof rights. It also does not mean that all of our ideas are homogenousand that heterogeneous ideas about what is best cannot exist side byside in the same system without leading to conflict (though theysometimes do). However, the science of Historical Materialism hasrevealed the desire for such orders to be historically generated alongwith the ideas about human nature that justify them.