Newton, Isaac male (1642--1727)

(It is sometimes said that he knew thatthe Earth rotates around the Sun, but that appears to be false;it is instead Aristarchus of Samos, as cited by Archimedes, whomay be the first "heliocentrist.")One of Eudoxus' students was Menaechmus, who was first todescribe the conic sections and used them to devise a non-Platonicsolution to the cube-doubling problem (and perhaps thecircle-squaring problem as well).

Father: Isaac Newton (farmer, b.

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nachlass The Chymistry of Isaac Newton,

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Religious views of Isaac Newton Sir Isaac ..

Examples of the weak relationship between theology and natural philosophy in Newton's career serve as the substratum for cases of the strong relationship, which has only recently begun to be presented by scholars with force. It goes without saying that interaction between matters of faith and facts of nature should be entirely plausible for a scholar who was committed to the Two Books tradition and for whom there were no rigid methodological or conceptual barriers between theology and natural philosophy. Nevertheless, the strong relationship is more difficult to convey and, while certain examples (such as Newton's conception of space as the divine ) are transparent, some case studies used to confirm it still require further investigation and refinement.

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Newton's published and unpublished writings demonstrate that his religion interacted with his natural philosophy at a high level. Newtonian physics cannot be disentangled from Newtonian theology. Although it is clear that Newton recognized disciplinary and methodological distinctions, the lack of firm barriers within Newton's intellectual life suggests that it is problematic to speak in terms of "influence" of one sphere on another. Instead, Newton's lifework evinces one grand project of uncovering God's truth. Science and religion for Newton were not two completely distinct programs, but two aspects of an integrated whole. For Newton, the unity of truth meant that there was ultimately one culture, not two.

Sir Isaac Newton at age 46 in Godfrey Kneller's 1689 portrait

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