He reminded me that a little kindness really does go along way.

Keri love you for your writing. It’s very useful to me in school.I gave a speech regarding your kindness. because of that I was selected to English club in my school.

(about interacting and responding with kindness instead of blame)

The second reason Santiago is a hero is because he shows a lot of kindness to everyone he meets....

Kindness is a major element of, do on to others as done on to you.

A chip off the old block, it seems. Keri is so right. Kindness is such an easy thing to do, so deceivingly powerful. A smile or an unexpected kind gesture can move mountains. Happy Birthday! (I always say that birthdays are for the mommas, so that one is for you, too, Kristin.)

Not everyone needs kindness to make their life happy.

It’s very important for people to remember that anger is powerful. So is selfishness along with cruelty. However, kindness overpowers all. You may think your kindness makes a difference for other people only, but it doesn’t. What comes around goes around, and your act will be returned. Your most important reward is knowing how much you just helped someone in need. You feel satisfaction knowing that you might have saved someone’s day, week, or even life. What you have really been given is the most precious gift you can receive, the gift of kindness. Everyone is capable of being kind. Everyone can help. The real question is, why don’t we? This should not be a question. Kindness should come automatically. It should be common rather than a rarity. We can make this happen and do something kind today.

(about trusting our kids when they communicate to us and responding with kindness)
Was this a random act of kindness, or was it specifically the work of angels?

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An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves. Kindness is a charm permitted to everybody but for the aged it seems to come with a double grace and tenderness. One kind action leads to another. If we show kindness toward another, he responds with kindness. This is the most important effect of kindness upon others - it makes them kind themselves. Kindness has converted more sinners than zeal, eloquence or learning; in fact, these have never converted anyone without kindness. Kindness is a language the mute can speak, and the deaf can hear and understand.

According to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAKF), there is a “kindness movement” in progress.

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Integrity and kindness are cardinal virtues. These are traits of character that are most to be desired and when one lacks them, one lacks values that nothing else can supply. Unkindness and deceit have to hide as much as they can - perhaps for shame certainly for cautiousness.

Gods can either show jealousy, courage, or kindness to mortals and other gods, so Greeks label the gods based on their qualities.

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As this young woman gets older, she learns more and more about life through the townspeople of Maycomb County; Courage, kindness, cruelty, and love are some of the main lessons portrayed throughout the book....