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A 7 page essay exploring the challenge of losing weight. The writer's own steps in losing weight are recounted as is research regarding weight loss techniques. Things 'to do' and things 'not to do' are discussed in detail. The writer concludes with a new plan to change eating habits rather than �diet.' Bibliography includes 5 references.

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Things are changing. Today’s lifters benefit from new apps, tools and weightlifting tech that bring them into the 21st century — ones that may empower a whole new community of athletes under the bar.

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While technology for , cyclists and even walkers skyrocketed in the last few years, one group of athletes was left out of the “techified” party. Weightlifters, stuck with old-school methods of tracking progress and training programs, have to carry a pen and paper at the gym and log workouts in complicated spreadsheets.

With an entirely new emphasis in sports on speed, strength, and flexibility; weightlifting is more popular than ever.

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Weightlifting provides a means for goal setting not for some company, teacher, or friend. But goal setting for oneself. When someone learns the power of personal goal setting there isn't much they can't aim for and reach closer to because of effort. Goal setting and achievement coupled with an enhanced ability to deal with pain can make weightlifting a true self esteem building activity. To succeed in weight lifting ones diet, sleep, lifting intensity, lifting frequency, and time must all be managed symbiotically and in an effective fashion. If this is not the sort of priority management that success is about in life just what would be?

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Those succesful mentally, socially, and economically perhaps might gain the most from a weight lifting regimen. Its another field of battle to compete against yourself and win at. Something is always gained from success of this sort. For those without success of any sort in life at all weight lifting can be the one thing they are equal to all others at in life. Gravity is the same for everyone. While some are born stronger, or faster, almost anyone can improve their lot in life strength wise. Success in one area usually gives way to success in other areas. The power of the iron can humble the wealthy and empower the average.

Initially as an expression of strength, to competition and functional training, weightlifting has carved its path through the ages.

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In the end weightlifting to its hardcore adherants is a spritiual thing. It allows one to wield the body like a machine. Its allows one to know success; incremental success. It allows one to manage hostility. The iron of weightlifting can be a best friend. Its consistant, won't inflate your ego, and lets you know exactly where you stand. A friend that is always there, always pushing you, and never accepting anything less than progress can be the best friend one ever has. For many that lift their iron is their best friend on this level. They lift because its who they are. The reason to lift is the drive to succeed.

My developed persona is an ideal representative of an “insider” to the weight room community, as well as a representative of my essay’s audience.

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Quite frequently, some well-meaning academician or elderly curator trained in art history who is not an athlete, not a martial artist, and has not trained in handling historical arms since childhood will declare with authority that a knightly sword is "heavy." The same sword properly wielded in well-conditioned hands will typically be found light, well-balanced, and agile. For example, noted British arms curator Charles Ffoulkes in 1938 declared: "The so-called 'Crusader' sword is heavy, broad-bladed, and short gripped. There is no balance, as the word is understood in swordsmanship, and to thrust with it is ·its weight made swift recovery impossible." Ffoulkes' opinion, wholly without merit yet shared by his military co-author Captain , was derived from his understanding of what could be done only with sporting tools in polite contests. Ffoulkes was no doubt basing his opinion on his understanding of contemporary fencing as conducted with the featherweight foils, epees, and duelling sabers of the modern sport (in the same way a tennis racket might feel "heavy" to a ping pong player).

The paper that you are about to read focuses on how the media incorrectly portrays weight lifting and working out in the gym in general.

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A 4 page overview of the various muscles of the human body that function in weightlifting activities. The author contends that hundreds of muscles in all could be in involved but points out that the most important of these muscles from a kinesiological standpoint are the skeletal muscles that function either in extension or flexation. Bibliography lists 5 sources.