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Journal of Medicinal Plants Research assessment of phytochemical The broader spectrum of activities could be due to synergistic effects of the various components in the U dioica extract

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In Kosrae, a baby that does not hiccup is considered to be ill and in need of (medicine for sick child). The medicine is intended to cause the baby to hiccup.

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Healing also involves a process. For example, a treatment may include multiple visits to a healer. A medicine for depression might be administered over a period of four days. The administration may also include conversations with the healer, talk therapy.

A manual for the use of Specific Medicines, published in 1935 by Lloyd Brothers

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Gilmore - The classic work from the Bureau of American Ethnology, 1912, treating medicinal and edible plants used by the Dakota, Omaha/Ponca, Winnebago and Pawnee peoples.

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Humans have certain physical and material needs that must be fulfilled in order to survive and to thrive. First and most fundamentally one seeks food. Then one seeks protection and shelter. When sick, one seeks medicine. When bored, one seeks entertainment. There are times when one seeks beauty. Plants have provided all of these things in Micronesia. Plants feed us, clothe us, house us, heal us, entertain us, and bring beauty into our lives. Ethnobotanists work with the people who know how to use plants in the above ways to document cultural uses of plants.

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This delegation was sent to the PRC to check out the uses of herbs within Chinese medicine, struggling to its feet after nearly a decade of intellectual and political nihilism, and it offers insights into that time and into how western pharmaceutical folks viewed Chinese herbs.

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Ethnobotany is an integrative science. The ethnobotanist uses knowledge from disciplines including botany, ethnology, anthropology, ecology, nutrition, medicine, linguistics, economics, biochemistry, and agriculture. The field has spawned a number of related fields and subfields such as ethnobiology, ecoethnobotany, socioethnobotany, and ethnomycology.

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Medicinal Plants in Storage ~ a Photo Essay the 1930s the finest research work was being done at the Ponape station, largely through the efforts of one man, the distinguished agronomist Hoshino Shutaro, who came to the island in 1927 and set about making Ponape the center of Japanese agricultural research in Micronesia. A tireless researcher who traveled widely, Hoshino scoured the world's tropics for plants, including medicinal varieties, judged to he potentially useful in Micronesia. Through his efforts the Ponape experiment station became one of the foremost world centers for the study of tropical agriculture. There the visiting American journalist Willard Price found him in the mid-1930s, "bluff, hearty, and rubber booted," presiding over a small agricultural kingdom on which he grew cloves and nutmeg from the Celebes, rubber trees from Malaya, vanilla, pepper, and cinnamon from Java, cashew nuts from India, and a multitude of other thriving ground plants, as well as grasses, shrubs, and trees, many of which were the product of his skillful crossbreeding.

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I ate the book up when it first came out, and, with so many more "correct" works since published, the TCM community seems to have forgotten this arcane but sensible first peek into Chinese Herbal Medicine.