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The amendment, originally known as the Lucretia Mott Amendment, was first drafted by the women’s rights leader Alice Paul in 1923, three years after the passage of the guaranteeing women’s suffrage. Variations of the amendment were presented to every session of Congress between 1923 and 1970, mostly remaining in committee until Representative Martha Griffiths, a Democrat from Michigan, was able to push it before Congress for debate in 1970.

The House passed it that year, but it failed in the Senate; the House passed a reworded version the following year. The Senate approved it in March 1972. The passed Equal Rights Amendment read, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

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Gender equality has been a struggle for many years. Women and some men who support gender equality have been fighting for the right to vote and own property such as land. Men and women should be treated equality although many believe that this is not so. People have been taught to value their place in society even when they are placed underneath someone else. Gender equality allows both men and women to do and have opportunities as each other. Men and women should have equal rights; times are changing and although most still have the idea that women are inferior to men it is not true. Women are capable of getting an education, good jobs, and working outside of the house. Just like men, women can accomplish these goals they can get a higher education if they are willing to work for. It would not be fair for a woman who has a higher education to get a job lower in status of that of a man. People who work hard to get a higher education than others should be rewarded with jobs that are worthy of them. Men should not get a preference to good jobs than women because it is not fair they should be looked at in the same way. Whether a female or a male neither should get a preference it is wrong to believe that a woman should stay at home while a man goes to work everyone needs some time away from home and adventure. Equality is sometimes an issue in America but the Constitution always defends the rights of everyone. When there is a problem the female or male can defend their rights by court. America is run by a democracy where everyone is equal and has the opportunity of freedom of speech. This allows women to speak out against unfairness and they get to defend themselves as citizens. Although America is run by a democracy, many other nations are not they are run by dictatorships or others. For the women living in these nations it is harder to speak out against gender equality. They really have to fight in what they believe is right. Life in many cases is what you make it and I can not say whether a male or female has a better life because people make decisions that change their lives and the actions that they make built who they are. Men and women make decisions such as skipping class, going to college, making an early career, and doing extra curricular activities. These factors change a person’s future because it constructs the life they are to have whether it is poor, rich, happy, or mad. People who want better lives for themselves or for their children, will fight against any predigest judgments and go through barriers opening doors for the next generations. Gender equality is a barrier that one has to fight through to see the light ahead and get further in life.

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I believe in men and women being equal, but I do believe that selective service should be mandatory for both sexes. Isn’t it a bit unfair that in a time of war, only the men have to risk their lives? That could be a main debate point in men being superior to women.

I think women should have the same rights as men. We work the same jobs and same hours, which should equal the same amount of pay!
Since women have fought for a long time and proven their importance in society, they deserve the same rights as men.

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I believe that there is still a long way to go. In my country this is a deep cultural issue. Women has to prove twice to be considered equal. And I’m talking about the cities.
At rural areas forget about equality between gender, there is not any equality between sexes.
I think that both sex has to have same opportunity when applying to jobs.

In Morocco, the women are held hostage by their own religion, and the road to equal rights looks grim.

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I think women and men should have the same rights. Both should be treated the same. People shouldn’t be jugde on their sex or race, all should be evaluated equally on their skills and talents. Women do stay home and watch the children but that don’t mean they can’t go out and make a living for themselves. Men have a little more over women, but women should still have an equal chance at anything a guy could do.

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We’ve accomplished so much, yet a lot still remains to be done. Substantial barriers to the full equality of America’s women still remain before our freedom as a Nation can be called complete. But the Women’s Rights Movement has clearly been successful in irrevocably changing the circumstances and hopes of women. The remaining injustices are being tackled daily in the courts and conference rooms, the homes and organizations, workplaces and playing fields of America.