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Bertrand Russell's Classic Essay in Praise of Idleness

10 If the evening be fine and warm, there is nothing better in life than to lounge before the inn door in the sunset, or lean over the parapet of the bridge, to watch the weeds and the quick fishes. It is then, if ever, that you taste Joviality to the full significance of that audacious word. Your muscles are so agreeably slack, you feel so clean and so strong and so idle, that whether you move or sit still, whatever you do is done with pride and a kingly sort of pleasure. You fall in talk with any one, wise or foolish, drunk or sober. And it seems as if a hot walk purged you, more than of anything else, of all narrowness and pride, and left curiosity to play its part freely, as in a child or a man of science. You lay aside all your own hobbies, to watch provincial humour develop themselves before you, now as a laughable farce, and now grave and beautiful like an old tale.

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Also a matter of conventional wisdom is the idea that human beings are on one side of a great divide while all animals are on the other, subjects of their instincts and our necessities and pleasures. What exactly the divide is, though, is difficult to define. Various contestants have included reason, language, art, technology, religion, walking upright and the use of hands, knowledge of mortality, sin, suicide, and more. In (1991), Raymond Tallis rounds up a master list of them:


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4 A little farther on, and it is as like as not he will begin to sing. And well for him, supposing him to be no great master in that art, if he stumble across no stolid peasant at a corner; for on such an occasion, I scarcely know which is the more troubled, or whether it is worse to suffer the confusion of your troubadour, or the unfeigned alarm of your clown. A sedentary population, accustomed, besides, to the strange mechanical bearing of the common tramp, can in no wise explain to itself the gaiety of these passers-by. I knew one man who was arrested as a runaway lunatic, because, although a full-grown person with a red beard, he skipped as he went like a child. And you would be astonished if I were to tell you all the grave and learned heads who have confessed to me that, when on walking tours, they sang--and sang very ill--and had a pair of red ears when, as described above, the inauspicious peasant plumped into their arms from round a corner. And here, lest you should think I am exaggerating, is Hazlitt's own confession, from his essay which is so good that there should be a tax levied on all who have not read it:

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-- The picture isleft: the table, the chair, the window where I learned to construe Livy,the chapel where my father preached, remain where they were; but hehimself is gone to rest, full of years, of faith, of hope, and charity!ESSAY IIThe painter not only takes a delight in nature, he has a new andexquisite source of pleasure opened to him in the study andcontemplation of works of art --He turns aside to view a country gentleman's seat with eager looks,thinking it may contain some of the rich products of art.

Urban walking isn’t always about pleasure, though. Charles Dickens explored the noctural experience of London on foot in his essay Night Walks.

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But we have no bravery nowadays, and, even in books, must all pretend to be as dull and foolish as our neighbours. It was not so with Hazlitt. And notice how learned he is (as, indeed, throughout the essay) in the theory of walking tours. He is none of your athletic men in purple stockings, who walk their fifty miles a day: three hours' march is his ideal. And then he must have a winding road, the epicure!

In this essay, first published in 1932, Russell argues in favor of a four-hour working day.

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Urban walking isn’t always about pleasure, though. Charles Dickens explored the noctural experience of London on foot in his essay . Suffering from insomnia, too distressed to sleep, he would wander the city streets at night, discovering some of the darker, bleaker sides of the city.