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Last night I wandered down the sidewalk again, reading the names and story titles, and then there was a period where I was driving, or perhaps being driven, swiftly through and around the city, then I was back on the sidewalk again, moving among the friendly but distracted people. Now, towards the end of the dream, the familiar practice of reading the posters reminded me I had had the dream at least several times before. With a sense that the dream would soon end, I scanned the posters more rapidly, and there, there, just as I was about to be whisked backwards, I saw a poster, not with my name on it, but at least with the title of one of my short stories on it. In my dream, and maybe in my sleep, I smiled, leaned forward quickly to squint again at the poster to be sure - the title was at the very top of that poster - the first one listed - I recognized it as my title, but couldn't tell which title it was - then I was getting up on one elbow, reaching blindly for my water glass.

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It's almost the only dream I have now, or at least the only dream I remember. Usually when I wake, there's a soothing blackness in my mind, my first memory that of the night before, turning over in bed, breathing against my pillow. I'm sure I do dream, but their cycle must be such that I wake too long after the last one to remember it. If I remember anything at all, it's a color and confusion that quickly evaporates as I'm still getting up on an elbow, reaching blindly for my water glass.

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When I first started having the dream, once I realized there were posters with writers' names along the street, I looked for my own name, not expecting to find it, and not. But after the initial disappointment it was pleasant enough to just wander, seeing the other writers' names, most of whom I didn't recognize (the two famous names I recognized from last night's dream, for whatever reason, were Stephen King and Mark Twain. With Twain, his name was above "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court").

I HAD a very strange dream last night. In my sleep i heard a knock at the door. I went out and saw two policemen standing there.
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The concerns in my new recurring dream, me wandering around the city, looking for my name displayed in public as a writer, seem embarrassingly obvious. But this new cycle is still early in its evolution. Last night, for example, was the first time I drove (or was driven) through the city, however brief and confusing that tour may have been. In the whirl of that accelerated exploration, I caught thousands of windows, hundreds of doors. Am I able to open one? If I ultimately can, what will have been patiently waiting there for me, behind one, for all those years?

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Free Essays on Wonderful Dream i Saw Get help with your writing 1 through 3.I Dreamed Last Night: An Essay From David Gardner By David Gardner | More Articles August 9, 2011 | That said, I am committed with fidelity to being true to what I saw (in my dream), so unabashedly I present the below **.

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At the time, I didn't think of either dream as a nightmare, even though both dealt with frightening situations. Towards the last year or so I was having the "hair in my mouth" dream, I actually started looking forward to it, because I could sense it would conclude soon, and I would see, finally, what it was I was pulling out of me. As for the dog dream, I had dreamt of him so often by then, I think we both knew we would never really hurt each other, but just continue testing each other whenever one or the other of us needed that kind of test. I remember him with affection. The pet I never had, but still managed to lose.