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As of late January, I have once again begun to ponder my next trip for the fall of 2015. Presently, I have several venues in mind but the southwest desert is vast, diverse and interminable. There is so much more to see and photograph, and I have barely scratched the surface of the Great Desert. And that makes it all the more harder to decide.

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It all started in 2003 on my first trip to the Southwest. I attended a photography field trip to the high desert of Sedona, Arizona. The landscape was utterly strange and surreal. I was so awe-inspired by the other-worldliness of the landscape that I decided to make it a perennial photographic venture. It has become my passion, and now I make the trip down to the southwest each winter to capture a different region of the desert’s timeless beauty. I have now been doing this for twelve years, and I have photographed vast expanses of the southwest terrain — from the , to the , to the . But even after so many trips, I still often ask myself– what is it about the desert that beckons me to capture its grandeur? What exactly is the allure? I have begun to realize that my annual sojourn to the desert country is more than just a photographic journey. Above all else, it has become a journey of self-discovery. An annual crusade – a sacred ritual of sorts– affording me the opportunity to stoke my creative fire and redefine my photographic vision.

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Our trip took us across the Arabian Desert to the Inland Sea (known locally as Khor Al Adaid), where the Bedouin tribes once roamed. Our vehicle was a sturdy 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser with oversize tires. Just before we entered the desert, Hassan reduced the pressure in the tires, 16-inch-wide giants built specially to withstand the rigors of desert terrain.

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We have eliminated the frills of overindulgent, hotel-a-day, never-leave-the-pavementtype tours, because we believe that true adventure travel should challenge your senses,not your wallet. However, our trips are not all inclusive. Every trip includes a large array ofactivities at no additional cost, as well as optional paid activities.

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Although I had plenty of trepidation about taking a three-day bus tour with such a little person, I had reasons to think we would probably have a good time. First of all, Anna's personality is outgoing, and she thrives on adult attention and companionship. Second, we were somewhat seasoned Tortoise travelers. Our shorter Tortoise trips had begun when Anna was an infant and continued at the rate of about one a year, running from San Francisco up to her great-grandmother's in Corvallis, Oregon. We always had fun, and Anna much preferred the Tortoise option to flying (which cost three or four times as much). Also, Anna was interested in the desert because of books we had read about it. When she learned that I had wanted to see Death Valley since I was nine, she wanted to go too.

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Each April, the DSC hosts it’s Annual Desert Symposium, with presentations and posters on a variety of desert-related research over two days, followed by a two-day field trip to points of interest. Find out more!

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This is an unsolicited essay we received from one of our passengers, who took our Death Valley trip with her four-year-old daughter.

Video embedded · Among all the other groundbreaking aspects of this week’s Desert Trip festival, the concert can now add a Nobel Prize-winning headliner to its pedigree.

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Dubai is a very popular destination for tourists, but there are important things to consider before booking any reservations and making the trip. You want to enjoy yourself so be sure to do your research and plan accordingly so you can make the most of your time in Dubai.