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The best studied is probabilistic context-free grammar (PCFG),which operates over trees, categories of words, and individual lexicalitems, and has none of therestrictions of finite-state models.

Trees occupy an important place in the life of man

Healthy, mature trees add an average of 10 percent to a property’s value.

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In the essay “Nigger: the meaning of a word” Gloria Naylor discusses the essence of a word and how it can mean different things to different people in a myriad of situations.

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Complex algorithmic approaches (such as support vectormachines or boosted decision trees or deep belief networks) are used to estimate thefunction that maps from input to output variables, but we have noexpectation that the of the function that emerges fromthis complex algorithm reflects the trueunderlying nature.

Nationally, the 60 million street trees have an average value of $525 per tree.

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Structure (poetry) - The pattern of organization of a poem. For example, a Shakespearean sonnet is a 14-line poem written in iambic pentameter. Because the sonnet is strictly constrained, it is considered a closed or fixed form. An open or free form poem has looser form, or perhaps one of the author’s invention, but it is important to remember that these poems are not necessarily formless.

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(This example brings up another distinction:the gravitational model is continuous and quantitativewhereas the linguistic tradition has favored models that arediscrete, categorical, and qualitative: a word is or is not a verb,there is no question of its degree of verbiness.

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The student defines the word, uses the word in a sentence, identifies which part of speech it is, draws a picture that exemplifies the word, determines how many syllables it has, finds rhyming words, supplies synonyms and antonyms, etc.

Not many people, I am sure, would consider buses to be an important part of their lives.

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As EdwardSapir in 1921, "All grammars leak." But in a probabilistic model there isno difficulty; we can say that has a high probability ofbeing used intransitively, and a low probability of transitive use(and we can, if we care, further describe those uses throughsubcategorization).

For example, linear regression is one of the most powerfultools in the statistician's toolbox.

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The planting of trees means improved water quality, resulting in less runoff and erosion. This allows more recharging of the ground water supply. Wooded areas help prevent the transport of sediment and chemicals into streams.

The descriptive or inferential analysis of the statistical methods can also provide information about the most likely causes of the problem....

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How is this usage broken down? Would you believe that only 3% of your total water consumed is used for drinking and cooking? The rest is used for the garden (35%), toilet flushing (29%), bathing/ showering (20%) and for laundry (13%). If we covert these percentages to volumes, the average home uses 122’640lt per year to water the garden, 101’616lt to flush your toilet, 70’080lt to keep ourselves clean and 45’552lt to keep our clothes clean! The other 10’512lt per year is used for drinking and cooking.