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During my two month stay in Haiti I intervieweddozens of historians, students, voodoo priests, authors and "storykeepers" in the countryside who claimed to be knowledgeable about Macandal. Ialso met with a Professor from the University of Paris whotranslated an article written in 1789 in Le Mercure de France, aprestigious review journal of the day. Some of what I write about Macandal comesfrom this article. It is my belief that the information in the journalcame from the perspective of a compatriot of Macandal, whom he mayhave recruited after he escaped the plantation and began organizingrevolution in the distant mountains. A close rebel associate and fellow "maroon" (escaped slave) would bein a position to know the information in the article. However the French author of the piece relates very little about Macandal's accomplishments, instead focusing on negative elements, such as retribution by his followers for betrayal of their cause.

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The scholarly works about the Haitian Revolutionfocus on a few central figures who particular authors believe were mostresponsible for freeing the republic of St. Domingue or Haiti, in1804. The black Marxist writer C.L.R. James focused his research onToussaint l'ouverture, who most claim is responsible for that finalrevolution. Ralph Korngold's well-researched work on the period alsocenters on Toussaint. Hubert Cole's comprehensive study concentrates onthe role of Christophe, who was a General under Toussaint and who thenbecame the first King of free Haiti. Most of these writers deal onlyperipherally with Francois Macandal, as the French called him.

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Historical research today relies on early reports,letters, books etc., by provincial colonialist "white men" regardingnon-conformist personages such as Macandal. Judgments on the validityof Macandal’s revolution often derive from the documents handeddown by the French, and writers who came afterward, who also relied onthese same French documents. Some authors however, have been able tolocate alternative versions of this period, which are presented herealong with oral accounts passed down to modern Haitians Iinterviewed in 1997 while in Haiti.

This collection of essays by leadingMar 3, 2007 Black slaves were brought over from the western parts of Africa by the British to work in Haiti.

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Trouillot;s account of the unthinkability of the Haitian revolution, VoodooLes invisibles are the powers that have sustained Haitians through centuries of exploitation, impoverishment, and terror.

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Visitors to Haiti during its festival of the dead haveThis collection introduces readers to the history and practice of the Vodou religion, and corrects many misconceptions.


Ancestors in Haitian Vodou by Mambo Racine Sans But - Essay on respect forMany people associate Haiti with its voodoo beliefs and practices, which do not typically incorporate tourists.

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The Future of Cities: If the reason Haiti suffers is just bad luck, some voodoo curse, then maybeOct 2, 2012 [HoI] Getting to know the spirits: Haitian Vodou (Haiti Today 2/6) The revolution in Haiti began with a Vodou ceremony and today religious system retains some of its ..

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