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The first Columbus Day celebration took place in 1792, when New York’s Columbian Order—better known as —held an event to commemorate the historic landing’s 300th anniversary. Taking pride in Columbus’ birthplace and faith, Italian and Catholic communities in various parts of the country began organizing annual religious ceremonies and parades in his honor.

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I don’t think that we should celebrate columbus day.

Why does America celebrate Columbus Day? Modern scholarship does not take the heroic image of Columbus seriously, and yet "revisionists" are taken to task for their critiques of Columbus’s image and other popular myths.

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Americans celebrate the “discovery” of the Western Hemisphere because our ancestors erected European-style civilizations on the bones and ashes of its dead inhabitants. The Columbus Day celebrations are the dysfunctional rituals of a conqueror society. It is true that there were dark sides to native cultures. They apparently practiced human sacrifice in of the New World cultures, sometimes. Warfare was a regular feature of nearly all societies. The people of the New World were human, but in the areas of viciousness and avarice, on a scale of ten the Western Hemisphere's natives probably ranked a two or three, and Europeans a nine. America celebrates Columbus Day because Columbus was a "winner."

Why should we be celebrating Columbus if we don't even know everything about his journey

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Who is this man that we honor? Who is Christopher Columbus? Why is he only one of two private citizens we honor with a federal holiday? If you said he's the man who discovered America you'd be dead wrong. If you said he was a great explorer you'd be even more wrong. If you think he was even a great man, you be as wrong as you could be.

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There is far more to Columbus's story than this essay tells. He spent one return voyage to Spain in chains, but not really as a prisoner, but in a display of self-pity. He eventually suspected that those islands were not off of Asia, but that he had discovered a new continent. Many books have been written about that seminal seaman, and what this essay presents is not controversial to those who have studied Columbus. Today, most Americans seem to have some passing acquaintance with the real story. That Columbus initiated the genocide of the natives is not really debated, even by his admirers. published a mammoth and hugely popular biography of Columbus in 1828, where he invented, among other myths, the story of Columbus proving that the world was not flat. There is something significant about a novelist writing the first major American work on Columbus.

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With all the uncertainty, there is warranted confidence regarding what may have happened. People lived in the Western Hemisphere in large numbers. They altered the landscape somewhat, and could destroy their environment to where it no longer sustained them, as how the that ended their "classic" phase a thousand years ago, or the Anasazi collapse at around the same time. Yet, compared to what the Europeans did to their land, the Western Hemisphere generally pristine. We can never come close to knowing what it was really like before Columbus showed up, partly because Europeans actively destroyed the culture they invaded.

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What has happened during the past generation, as Columbus’s heroic image has been tarnished, is not new facts arising, but looking at the facts objectively. The picture that then emerged can rightly be called horrifying. Indeed, what did our ancestors cheer about? Yet, we still have a national holiday called Columbus Day.

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Should we celebrate Columbus Day

So, what's the truth about our hero, a man we've honored with a federal holiday? What kind of man was Christopher Columbus. Does he deserve the federal holiday we've given him? Should he be revered as the discoverer of America? Should he be revered at all?