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We believe a Child Protector is necessary to ensure the rights of the child and to ensure the proper administration of all child welfare agencies.

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This legislation abolished the sixty-year-old Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program and replaced it with a block grant program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families....

With the triumphs of welfare reform and the high turnout of women ..

The financial health of New York's child welfare nonprofits.

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They see the child welfare and justice systems as being interconnected and interwoven.

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The Master Agreement outlines the obligations and responsibilities of the various parties, establishes guiding principles for the operation of Aboriginal child welfare services and specifies the way in which these agencies would be funded.


This agreement has been called “perhaps the most comprehensive and significant development affecting child welfare services to Indian people” in Canada.

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The mandated reserve-based agencies are funded by the federal government, but operate under provincial child welfare legislation, while the non-mandated services of Ma Mawi Chi Itata in Winnipeg are funded largely by the Province, with smaller amounts of funding from the federal government and the private sector.

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In the end, Fort Alexander signed a separate agreement with only the federal government in order to deliver its own non-mandated child and family service programs.

As a result, the issue of child welfare and Native Peoples was of little concern or interest.

Women are not only for home-making and child-rearing but they must ..

Instead of the counselling of families, or consultation with the community about alternatives to apprehending the child, the apprehension of Aboriginal children became the standard operating procedure with child welfare authorities in most provinces.

That same year, The Pas Band hired a social worker for its new child and family service.

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is that the Treaty Indian is caught in a political, financial and legal limbo with both senior governments attempting to disclaim responsibility for the delivery of social and child welfare services, with the not unsurprising result that the Treaty Indian fails to get the services except in life threatening situations....

Berger was chairperson of the British Columbia Royal Commission on Family and Children’s Law.

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Today there are five mandated Aboriginal agencies in Manitoba: the Dakota Ojibway Child and Family Services, Southeast Child and Family Services, West Region Child and Family Services, Anishinaabe Child and Family Services, and Awasis Child and Family Services.