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Typically, you are required to write a report about your work at the completion of an internship or co-op. Although an internship or co-op might not be linked directly to a class, per se, the act of writing the report—which is often achieved in the final weeks of the experience or in the semester following the work—is certainly a writing-intensive experience. The document provides a simple means for you to report to your faculty supervisor on both the content and value of your work assignment, and, more importantly, it gives you a chance to reflect on the work you have done in both a personal and professional manner. You should think of your report, therefore, as both a formal academic assignment and as a personal opportunity to use and enhance your skills as a communicator. Just as successful people thrive by blending their formal education and experience with critical self-assessment, you can use your report to review what you have learned, detail what you have accomplished, and gauge your personal growth. Also, especially if you produce a professional product, you might offer your report as a writing sample to a potential employer.

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 This work experience was definitely useful to me, as it has given me a guide to my future plans.

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My first internship was at Karachi shipyard & Engineering Works where I gained experience for Repair and Maintenance (Corrective and Planned) of marine machinery and equipment including Diesel Engine and Generators.

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Due to their adoption of current technological trends and experiences, they are more likely than older workers to be receptive to different modes of working such as job sharing, teleworking, and working in virtual teams....

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I had my head set, that's what I've always wanted to do, well actually I wanted to join the RAF engineering corps on aircraft engineering and I thought this is the best work experience I could get, this would really give me an insight to the way aircraft are handled and manufactured especially see t...

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It would be great to study and learn more about composite materials from people who are experts in this field and have a long experience of working in the composite sector.

This is a guide that will help you to write about your work experience in your resume.

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Personal experiences such as; conducting criminal background checks, and E-verify reports which verifies an employee’s eligibility to work in the United States were the typical daily functions of the internship....

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Barrum Dallas, TX 75207 REPORT #7 Evaluation and Consolidation of Goals Your final report should be a complete report of your internship experiences under the title “How I Evaluate Myself as a Future Criminal Justice Worker,” and may not exceed five typed pages.

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I tried my best to gain a useful experience to plan, develop, present and report and to seek a challenging career oriented position in the field of general banking by using the potential of hard work and professional skills....