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Almost three decades after Carl Sagan coined the “,” we are planning telescopes and instruments that will be able to probe the inner secrets of planetary systems beyond ours, such as , , and , just to name a few. In this context, we may ask: how can we find another pale blue dot?

The pale blue dot essay writing

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The Pale Blue Dot is seen on the lower-center of this image obtained by the Cassini spacecraft in July 2013 (click to enlarge). Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI.

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By reworking some definitions of colors, this study found a combination which makes it easiest to separate Earth from other non-habitable planets, just by applying simple photometry. So, yes, in the near future, we will definitely be seeing other pale blue dots, and each of every little photon will count.

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Apr 02, 2007 · The Pale Blue Dot: A vision of the human future. Carl Sagan & Neil deGrasse Tyson - Duration: 4:22. Richard vWyk 30,317 views

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