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Before examining the details of the barrage of extinctions that followed behaviorally modern humans wherever they appeared during the next 50,000 years, a brief review of key dynamics is in order, and , as always. All predators eat the , and a cost/benefit decision drives the process, which today’s analysts call . It was an instinctual process with most animals. Many human practices today are similar; members of traditional societies cannot provide answers for their mass behaviors other than, “We always did it this way,” or, “It is part of our religion,” but scientists study their practices and find them energetically, even ingeniously, ideal, but nobody in those societies was consciously aware of it. Societies without such energy-efficient practices failed, and those that religiously followed them survived.

Uses Of Computers In Modern Life Free Essays

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As with the , contemporary New English observers noted the local climate changes in New England by the late 1700s, when the summers got hotter, the winters colder, and the land became more arid. Streams disappeared during the summer and flooded in the winter. In his classic study, William Cronon noted that New England became “sunnier, windier, hotter, colder, and drier” than before it was deforested. The eastern seaboard began turning to British coal soon after the American Revolution. , and early America relied on British coal. It was not until canals and railroads were built that the USA began to use its domestically mined coal. The anthracite mines of Pennsylvania turned Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Philadelphia, and other cities in the region into the heart of early American industry. Steam locomotives were , and is credited with building the first , after many years of effort. The opened for business in 1825, and the was built between Baltimore and the Ohio River in 1830, as Baltimore competed with the canals that serviced Philadelphia and New York. Railroads became humanity’s first low-energy transportation lanes that were not bodies of water (roads kind of qualified, but they were minor advances compared to railroads). Many American cites were not built on bodies of water but along rail lines and, later, roads traveled by cars and trucks.

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England had nearly a century’s head start on the competition with its Industrial Revolution, which is why it became the world’s triumphant imperial power, to be later supplanted by its offspring and rival, the USA. Turning coal into an industrial fuel, for smelting iron and powering machines, initiated the Industrial Revolution, and the next big innovation was making machines to replace hands. English inventors , and the 1760s and 1770s were the golden age of spinning innovation, and the , , and were all invented. By the 1790s, people using such machines . I call one worker with a machine outperforming 150 people without one an energy-and-technology-leveraged human. Energy-powered technology allowed a person to vastly outperform humans without it. Was that person 150 times more dexterous? Smarter? Faster? Stronger? The machine did the work, not the person, and energy made it all happen, not the equipment. Without energy to run it, machinery is useless, but without human-made technology, the energy was unavailable. Such machines would never have been without the available energy to run them. Those early spinning machines ran on water power from the .

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Those first stone tools are called pebble tools, and anthropologists have placed the protohumans who made them in the (also called the Oldowan industry, or on the stone tool scale). The rocks used for Oldowan tools were already nearly the shape needed and were made by banging candidate rocks on a rock “anvil,” and the fractured rock’s sharp edge was the tool. Those first stone tool makers were largely still the hunted, not hunters, and stone edges would have been like claws and teeth that would have made scavenging predator kills easy in a way that primates had never before experienced. Modern researchers have used Oldowan tools to quickly butcher elephants. Sawing a limb from a predator kill and stealing it would have been quick and easy. Stone tools also crushed bones to extract marrow, and would have made harvesting and processing plant foods far easier.

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As has been , and will become more evident, scientific orthodoxy and I do not agree on everything, far from it. Not only is mainstream science imprisoned by , as paradigm-shattering scientific findings and are ruthlessly suppressed, but all of my fellow travelers were, to one extent or another, mystical in their orientation. Their mystical persuasion had nothing to do with beliefs, studying sacred texts, or other indoctrination, but their . Brian O’Leary was a staunch advocate of . After I had , I also and witnessed many undeniable events that clearly demonstrated that the materialistic models of consciousness that dominate mainstream science rest on false foundations. Brian nearly lost his life, courtesy of the USA’s military, when he looked into the UFO phenomenon, after , and the attack shortened his life. Far more is happening than the TV news tells us.

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By about 45-40 kya, that northward migrating band from the founder group reached Europe. Although the exact route is in dispute, the supports the idea that the group originated from a migration into the , probably via the east end of the Arabian Peninsula. Those invaders are called Cro-Magnons today. When they reached the Levant, they began , and Neanderthals began disappearing. The process took several thousand years at minimum, and has been called a border war with Neanderthals, while others have called it a genetic assimilation. The way that humans drove the megafauna to extinction, and then engaged in warfare as they were driving the megafauna extinction, seems to favor a violent end for Neanderthals, and the “blitzkrieg” of humans migrating across the length and breadth of Australia in a few thousand years was not in evidence for the migration/invasion around the Mediterranean’s periphery. Neanderthals (nor ), do not seem to have gone quietly or easily and may have been the biggest obstacle to Earth’s conquest by behaviorally modern humans.