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In the first scaffold scene, Hester is being led from the prison where she has spent the last few months, towards the scaffold clutching her newborn baby to her bosom, covering the scarlet letter-the two symbols representing truth and her lost innocence....

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The main characters are present in these scenes and the main symbol, the scarlet letter.

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She has to serve many months in prison, stand on the scaffold for three hours under public scrutiny, and attach a scarlet letter, "A" on her chest every day as long as she remained in the town of Boston....

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One of the main symbols of the novel is the basis for the title of the novel itself. Hester Prynne's scarlet letter is attached to her dress, and appears "in fine red cloth surrounded with an elaborate embroidery with fantastic flourishes of gold thread" (Hawthorne 60). The letter is said to have "the effect of a spell, taking h...

This device of symbolism is portrayed well in the novel, especially through the scarlet letter "A".

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Although all these locations are significant to the story, the most important symbol among them is certainly the scaffold in the market place, where the story begins and ends.

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In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author uses Hester Prynne to symbolize that those who challenge social conformities can benefit society as a whole.

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The quote also applies to Hester Prynne, but in quite a different way because it was not her choice to wear the “face” that she was forced to wear. The mark of the scarlet letter on her bosom determined how other...

In the beginning of the novel, the scarlet letter "A" is viewed as a symbol of sin.

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The story begins at the end of Hester's imprisonment after her affair and through many years to her final acceptance of her place in the community as the wearer of the scarlet letter a symbol of shame....

As punishment Hester must adorn a Scarlet A symbolizing her sin and shaping her existence....

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The direction of Hester, Pearl, and Dimmsdale's lives were changed

by the fateful events at the scaffold. The cycle of their ignominy was

expressed throughout The Scarlet Letter by these scenes. The scaffold

became a place where the truth and their sins were exposed.

Hawthorne, in The Scarlet Letter, uses many symbols to represent different things.

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In The Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the brilliant author tested the social aspect of what is decent and how people are force to lie in order to not bring attention to the "skeletons in the closet." For Hawthorne to show how silly people are acting in The Scarlet Letter, he uses the daughter of Hester Prynne; Pearl to be a symbol of honesty and the able ness for people to change....