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I was not prosecuted for anything I did, but for what I had said. My view on Islam is that it is not so much a religion as a totalitarian political ideology with religious elements. While there are many moderate Muslims, Islam's political ideology is radical and has global ambitions. I expressed these views in newspaper interviews, op-ed articles and in my 2008 documentary, "Fitna."

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House candidate Greg Gianforte in three Montana daily newspapers, all of them owned by .I said that in my many years with Lee I had never seen any “overt attempts at corporate dictation, or even of political collusion among several Lee papers.”I hope it was clear that my reference to corporate dictation referred only to matters of political endorsements and such.

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Once a niche is decided, a news organization can consciously leverage the fact that. For example, in work that I’ve been doing with ‘s , our research indicates that newspapers that wants to serve more traditional aspirations may want to have more stories with happy endings, while a newspaper that wants to serve more hedonistic aspirations might want to instead consider featuring stories about people from far away places. Emotions such as , empathy, and anger vary widely and predictably amongst people with different aspirational goals and stories could be framed accordingly. Editors likely have an intuitive sense of these relationships, but making them more explicit can bring cohesion to marketing, editorial, and journalistic practices toward a singular newspaper voice that better speaks to the higher-order needs of consumers in the modern age.

In the age of political Internet memes, which both entertain and influence voters, how important is a newspaper endorsement
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This section unfolds the narrative structure of risk warning signs taken as typical risk accounts

only to matters of political endorsements ..

newspaper and television affect the people’s knowledge of presidential campaign endorsements.

The term is usually used to refer to newspaper, ..