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After Braque left to fight in World War I, Picasso briefly continued to work in the Cubist style, however, found it difficult to work consistently during the chaos and poverty of the war years. His printmaking activity dwindled considerably, as copper was a particularly expensive commodity. In addition, the two dealers who had supported his work were both forced to suspend business in the war years. On a personal level, he was deeply affected and shocked at the untimely death of his long-term lover Eva Gouel in 1915. A few years later, in 1917, Picasso found a new direction when a commission brought him to Italy, where he became enthralled with classical sculpture and met his first wife, ballerina Olga Khokhlova. By the early 1920s Picasso had fully abandoned Cubism, turning instead to themes inspired by Classical Greek and Roman art and mythology.

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The accumulation of such devices, however, soon had the effectof telescoping, even while separating, surface and depth. Theprocess of flattening seemed inexorable, and it became necessaryto emphasize the surface still further in order to prevent itfrom fusing with the illusion. It was for this reason, and noother that I can see, that in September 1912, Braque took theradical and revolutionary step of pasting actual pieces of imitation-woodgrainwallpaper to a drawing on paper, instead of trying to simulateits texture in paint. Picasso says that he himself had alreadymade his first collage toward the end of 1911, when he glued apiece of imitation-caning oilcloth to a painting on canvas. Itis true that his first collage looks more Analytical than Braque's,which would confirm the date he assigns it. But it is also truethat Braque was the consistent pioneer in the use of simulatedtextures as well as of typography; and moreover, he had alreadybegun to broaden and simplify the facet-planes of Analytical Cubismas far back as the end of 1910.

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There is no question but that Braque and Picasso were concerned,in their Cubism, with holding on to painting as an art of representationand illusion. But at first they were more crucially concerned,in and through their Cubism, with obtaining sculptural resultsby strictly nonsculptural means; that is, with finding for everyaspect of three-dimensional vision an explicitly two-dimensionalequivalent, regardless of how much verisimilitude might sufferin the process. Painting had to spell out, rather than pretendto deny, the physical fact that it was flat, even though at thesame time it had to overcome this proclaimed flatness as an aestheticfact and continue to report nature.

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In this phase alone does Gris's art, in my opinion, sustainthe main tenor of Cubism. Here, at last, his practice is so completelyinformed by a definite and steady vision that the details of executiontake care of themselves. And here, at last, the decorative istranscended and transfigured, as it had already been in Picasso's,Braque's and Léger's art, in a monumental unity. This monumentalityhas little to do with size. (Early and late, and whether in Picasso'shands or Braque's, Cubism has never lent itself with entire successto an outsize format. Even Léger's rather splendid bigpictures of the late 1910S and early I920S do not quite matchthe perfection of his smaller scale Cubism of 1910-1914.) Themonumentality of Cubism in the hands of its masters is more aquestion of a vision and attitude--an attitude toward the immediatephysical means of pictorial art--thanks to which easel paintingsand even "sketches" acquire the self-evident self-sufficiencyof architecture. This is as true of the Cubist collage as of anythingelse in Cubism, and perhaps it is even truer of the collage thanof anything else in Cubism.

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