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Estimated in owing close to 18 billion dollars in debt to creditors, several factors culminated into the conditions necessary to require Detroit to file for bankruptcy including: the decentralization of the auto industry, a declining populations, mismanagement of city funding, and corrupt leadersh...

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Affluenza creates stress, bankruptcies, and causes problems in relationships.

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The company was called Enron and was doing very well in business but unfortunately, after many bad decisions were made by the executives of the company, Enron went bankrupt.

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Because big chain companies that sell low prices, like Wal-Mart, cause business to file bankruptcy, lower their prices to unprofitable lows, and outsource their jobs overseas cheap prices can easily have harsh consequences....

Kiane who was ready to declare bankruptcy gained a new business partner, Ronald Shaich a recent Harvard graduate....

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The reader will understand the meaning of bankruptcy to a corporation, be familiarized with types of proceedings, and identify with businesses that have been rescued by bankruptcy proceedings.

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Bankruptcy is a federal system of statutes and courts which permits persons and businesses which are unable to pay debtors or in some cases face potential insolvency, to place their financial responsibilities und...

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The Supreme Court decides if the United States Constitution's Section 10: Article I's contract clause gives way for the states to declare bankruptcy even if it is allowed by Congress, or can put restrictions on the terms to which the state government's political subdivisions may declare bankruptcy.

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This is an essay about the Bankruptcy Clause in the Constitution.

If the independence of the external auditors is impaired, the public will doubt the quality of professional auditing services, and the consequence would be very serious, just like the bankruptcy of Enron led to the disorganization of Arthur Andersen, once a giant accounting company i...

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in future you will not only succeed, but will be gratitudeous.

If nothing works, then don’t start your evasive tactics… Declare bankruptcy, take the assistance of the law and discharge your loans and live life honorably.

India has bankruptcy laws dating as old as 1874… and today’s law clearly demarcates the business/company’s assets from the personal assets… it distinguishes between the assets of the family and your assets and has all the features that allows you to write-off the loan once and for all and start again.

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At the end of the process the court would discharge most of the debts and one is unable to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy again for at least another six years.