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Because a bus network relies on a common data “highway,” a malfunctioning node simply ceases to communicate; it doesn't disrupt operation as it might on a ring network, in which messages are passed from one node to the next....

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Computer networking is currently used for business and personal use.

VPN will also increase cyber security thus enhancing the credibility, availability, and integrity of the information and documentation systems. VPN will also increase the return on investment in comparison to the traditional WAN thus enabling the organization to improve its service and product provision to the consumers. Application of the VPN in the context of the organization will also contribute towards minimization of the transit time and costs in relation to the remote users. Organization can maximize this feature or networking system with the aim of increasing the productivity levels and simplification of the network typology. VPN will also enable the organization to maximize essence of global opportunities thus provision of the telecommuter support (Castelli, 2002).

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In the implementation of the VPN, the organization should consider integration of the qualities of an effective VPN in relation to the achievement of the goals and objectives. One of the essential qualities of an effective VPN is the concept of focusing on the security management. This will contribute towards the promotion of protection of the files and information within the networking systems. Another concept is the reliability of the VPN in meeting the goals and objectives of the organization. The third feature or concept of quality VPN is the aspect of scalability. This will enable the organization to improve its internet or networking systems. Other factors to consider in the implementation of the concepts of the VPN within the organization include network and policy management (Malik, 2003).

The type of WAN connection we will use is Integrated Services Digital Network....

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INTRODUCTION In the 1950’s era, Computer Networking became the focus for communication in military radar system and it evolved in such a way that currently approximately 9 billion devices are connected over the internet.

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After one year's work experience as a Network Engineer at Its Not Yellow, a US Based online news portal, I want to return to academic study and undertake post graduate studies in Computer Science and Informatio...

Consequently, if one computer fails, it does not affect the rest of the network.

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In the implementation of the concept of the LAN-to-LAN VPN within the context of the organization, it is essential to configure through the aspect of IP routing. This will enable the organization to maximize the benefits and efficiency in relation to the concept of LAN-to-LAN VPN in enhancing the networking systems between offices and employees. One of the benefits of the LAN-to-LAN VPN in the context of the IP Routing is the ability to integrate and incorporate the concepts of the bridge connections and IP Routing to initiate connection between the two sites thus an opportunity to improve availability of the information. Employees will have accessibility to the vital information thus the ability to increase and maximize the opportunities with reference to improvement in the revenues and profit levels.

As a result of wireless networks computer users have become more mobile....

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Malik, S. (2003). Network security principles and practices: [expert solutions for securing network infrastructures and VPNs ; CCIE professional development]. Indianapolis, Ind: Cisco Press.

However, many people do not think about the many aspects of computing and the various devices and software that are part of the information process.

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Fat Client & Network Design Considerations Introduction Network computing was created in an effort to allow users of a computer application to share data more easily than using stand alone computers.