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The direct democracy of sovereignty referenda is the opposite of the ideal of direct democracy invoked in processes of constitutional change: consent to being subject to a new political power versus a deliberative process of input; the people as a substantive national unity versus rights-bearing (individual) citizens; Schmittean decision versus democratic deliberation. However, with both types of referenda, there is a potential danger that direct democracy will sanction something undemocratic, illiberal, or unjust. Amendment referenda potentially involve removal of limits on power, minority discrimination, decline of individual rights, or removal of checks and balances. Sovereignty referenda potentially involve infringing on the rights of residents, or injustices in relation to the distribution of resources and assets.

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However, democracy is still only to be found in less than half of this world's countries.

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First of all, let us clarify what kind of an extraordinary circumstance is at stake. Obviously, leaving the EU is not a typical case of constitutional change. Even less so, however, it is a case of independence or sovereignty. The EU is a supranational legal-political entity with features of both an international organization and those of a federal state. Its members are constitutional democracies, and the EU itself is a heavily constitutionalized entity. Albeit still insufficiently democratic, it has a complex system of checks and balances, tight constraints on EU policy-making, and indirect democratic control via national governments.

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Let us try to asses Brexit — and other potential EU exit referenda — in light of the three dimension of analysis above: justification, democratic ethos (i.e. possible limits on direct expressions of popular will) and “design” requirements.

However democratic Jackson may seem, he was more tyrant-like than any of his predecessors....

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While a democracy has a host of advantages, there are some disadvantages too. First, it is possible to manipulate the voting system. With paper ballots and voting machines, there always remains a margin of err, but even worse, it is possible to change them to make sure that the more corrupt leader wins. In addition to that, democracy often suffers due to the indecision of the Parliament or Congress. This is especially true to global emergency cases where the government cannot act unless it gets approval from its Parliament, and the Parliament or Congress sometimes doesn’t assent. Thus, in such cases, the democratic system comes to a grinding halt.

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The above principles imply that every citizen in a democratic state should have the opportunity to develop his personality. he must have access to knowledge, must be able to earn an adequate wage. The state must guarantee him the right to work as well as leisure. It must protect him from being exploited by the well-placed sections of the community or the privileged class. All these raise the important questions of education of the citizens of a democratic state. Education must teach them not only to assert their rights, but also to discharge their duties. It must teach them to think and act freely and express their views boldly. But, the system of education must guard against making the citizens selfish or overcritical. The education system must be adapted to suit the needs of democracy.

Living in a capitalist nation does not necessarily mean that democracy is non-existent.

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Furthermore it looks like people in Latin American really enjoy democracy and its’ benefits, as they also consider it to be the best form of government.

Countless research studies attest to the American people’s low level of engagement with, and knowledge of, democratic institutions.

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Philosophers defined the essential elements of democracy as a separation of powers, basic civil rights, human rights, religious liberty and separation of church and state.

In this essay, I argue that there have been quasi-democratic elements even within the Chinese Communist tradition....

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Another system of measurement Zinn encompasses is comparing our democracy with other nations. By comparing the availability of resources and opportunities in comparison with another country. Lastly, Zinn concluded that we could measure our democracy against the standard or ideal that is most desirable for a society. Using the methods of measuring American democracy, Zinn made the conclusion that we fall short of fulfilling each ten requirements of a democracy.