Maria pretends to be shocked, and Malvolio quotes the letter.

Twelfth Night Summary provides a quick review of the play's plot including every important action in the play. Twelfth Night Summary is divided by the five acts of the play and is an ideal introduction before reading the original text.

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Although Twelfth Night is a happy comedy there is a great deal of hurt

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(The Duke's name really doesn't matter in the play,which wasn't published until the folio of 1623, and perhaps Shakespeare simplynamed the duke and the play in memory of the event.) You can read about this inLeslie Hotson's "The First Night of Twelfth Night".

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"At our feast wee had a play called 'Twelve Night,or What You Will', much like the Comedy of Errores, or Menechmi in Plautus,but most like and neere to that in Italian called Inganni."If you are interested in Shakespeare's plot sources, you can startwith a book by one Barnabe Riche ("Riche His Farewell to Military Profession"),written in 1581.

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Crouch is also to be commended for Malvolio’s rant against the absurdity of all the cross-dressing in the play with the resultant unfeasible confusion of identities. This gets almost as much scorn as the audience, and what a relief it is to hear it. The comedies, and Twelfth Night in particular, can be exasperating for someone who prefers the histories and tragedies, and it’s nice to have one’s bias supported by one of Shakespeare’s own comic creations.

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Photo Credit: David Blue What you see ain’t what you get. Double trouble equals double fun and Twelfth Night is just another example that Shakespeare excels in the area of madcap farces and double entendres which leaves the audiences squealing with merriment. Even though I’ve seen …

The letter turns out to bea riddle which, as Malvolio reads, seems to be her declaration of lovefor her steward.

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Filter’s enlightening take on Twelfth Night has persisted for so long because of its significancein battling the tradition of conservative performance of the play that turns it ever more into an early modern Downton Abbey. In reclaiming the play as gig, original director Sean Holmes and tour directors Oliver Dimsdale and Ferdy Roberts acknowledge that this is a play of raw and uncontrollable emotion, exploding periodically into chaos, hilarity and infectious disorder.

In 1602, a John Manningham noted that he saw a play called

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The quirks are not all necessary, but all add to the enjoyment of a Twelfth Night that refuses easy interpretation, from Viola storming off to refuse to take part in such a mess anymore to Toby spouting Hamlet’s soliloquy and refusing to be in the play. Jonathan Broadbent, not only doubling Sir Andrew and Orsino but also now promoted to Associate Director, MCs the chaos and contributes to the randomness, flipping backwards somersaults for his capers and allowing his ‘I was adored Once Too’ to be echoed by a ‘three, four!’ and a new song.

The jester brings in Malvolio's letter,which he reads out loud parodying Malvolio, but the letter (which is a protestand a resignation) is very sane.

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Or are you faking?"("Twelfth Night" was written about the same time as "Hamlet".)The jester goes out to get the paper and ink that Malvolio hasrequested, singing a song.