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In a ghastly misinterpretation of reality, many Christian thinkers decided that the philosophy of Plato and his associates was an improvement over idolatry. Actually, it was something far worse. The heathen idolater still recognizes that persons govern his life, and he still worships these persons. While distorted, such a view of reality is far closer to the truth than is a philosophy that denies personal gods and rejects acts of submission and worship. Plato does not represent an advance beyond idolatry, but a deepening of it.

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All this testifies to the exceptional status of the first movement,and behind it, of the first mover in the universe. The mover of thesespheres possesses nothing but actuality, but this actuality is notwhat is transmitted in the process of causation. As we have seen in above, this would not be exceptional assuch: locomotion need not be caused on the transmission model ofcausation. But locomotions caused without immediate transmission of some actuality wereunderstood to be be embedded in larger patterns of causation whichobserved the principle of causational synonymy, and it is exactly sucha larger pattern of causation which is missing in the case ofcelestial motions.[] Instead, what we hear in Metaphysics 12.6is that the first mover moves as an object of love and striving,[] which comes perilously close to abandoning the claims ofPhysics bk. 8 to the effect that there is an unmoved moverserving as the efficient cause of the motions of the cosmos. Suchdoubts, however, should be dismissed. Aristotle is describing here inthe terminology of his physics a supra-physical entity without whichthe universe could not function or persist. Small wonder if its modeof operation needs to subsume several different dimensions of physicalcausation.

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The differences between Confucius, Plato, and Buddha should not blind us to their fundamental sameness. Lao-Tse, the Plato of China, advocated an inner contemplation. Plato advocated a new and more radically anti-God kind of political order, wherein contemplated abstractions such as The Good would replace the worship of living gods. Buddha took a more anti-political position, leaving the city to do its business while advocating a kind of dropping out of society. But this position is still in the overall context of doing philosophy (religion) in political terms. Aristotle, heir of Plato, managed to reconcile Plato’s radical ideas with practical politics, as Confucius, heir of Lao-Tse, did in China.

Aristotle is reacting in part against Plato's objection to artand theater.
-- IVAristotle adds that the tragedians were the successors of the epicpoets, who also focused on high and noble deeds.

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Thus far, I find Plato, and his rendering of Socrates, to be totalitarian, in love with Sparta, and definitely on the attack against the traditional, Homeric, take on the gods.

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The science of physics, Aristotle stresses, contains almost all thereis to know about the world. Were there no separateforms—entities such as the unmoved mover at the pinnacle of thecosmos—which are without matter and are not part of the physicalworld, physics would be what Aristotle calls first philosophy(Metaphysics 6.1, 1026a27–31). As there are such separateentities, physics is dependent on these, and is only a secondphilosophy (Metaphysics 7.11, 1037a14f). Nevertheless, theinteraction between these two “philosophies” is notcompletely exhausted by the causal influence exerted on the world bythe supra-physical entities—the prime movers as it turns out. Aristotle’s metaphysics and physics use a common conceptual framework, and they often address similar issues. The prime and distinctive task of first philosophy is an inquiry into first entities; these, however, are not perceptible entities, and as a result they have to be investigated through a metaphysical investigation of physical entities. Hence the overlap between the two disciplines, which often verges on inseparability.

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Aristotle argues at the opening of Physics bk. 8 that motionand change in the universe can have no beginning, because theoccurrence of change presupposes a previous process of change. Withthis argument Aristotle can establish an eternal chain of motions andrefute those who hold that there could have been a previous stationarystate of the universe. Such an eternal chain, Aristotle argues, needsto rely on a cause which guarantees its persistence: if each of theconstitutive processes in the causally connected web were of finiteduration, for every one of them it can be the case that it is notpresent in the world, indeed, at some later time it will not bepresent any longer. But then the whole causally connected series ofevents, Aristotle claims, would also be contingent.[] Hence Aristotle postulates that the processes of the universe dependon an eternal motion (or on several eternal motions), the eternalrevolution of the heavenly spheres, which in turn is dependent on oneor several unmoved movers (Physics 8.6, 258b26–259a9).[]