Some teachers feel a decrease of creativity in their lesson planning.

This process is nothing new for you, since you infer relationships all the time - say, between something you've read in the newspaper and something you've seen for yourself, or between the teaching styles of your favorite and least favorite instructors....

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Respect begins with self-respect and then extends to the respect of others....

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Sometimes we forget where many of these students come from and the situations that they deal with on a daily basis. School should be a safe haven and kids should trust all of their administrators, teachers, and staff members. Every kid is different and these differences should be embraced.

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In other words, at any given level of a relational environment, there has to be someone who is above the rest in terms of authority and responsibility. In employment, there has to be a supervisor or manager to whom everybody else is subordinate. Likewise, family units have a head, who conventionally is the man. In classrooms, the teacher is superior and commands the respect of his/her students. Equally, there are class heads or school captains who must be obeyed and respected by the other students.

Respect of one’s opinion, respect on one’s privacy and respect of each other.

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Conduct a search on Google or YouTube for “teacher abuse” and the number of examples you will find of such unprofessional conduct is embarrassing to the profession. Educators should be adult enough, professional enough, and smart enough not to conduct themselves in this manner. In an age where , it only takes one time to find yourself on YouTube, embarrassed, and out of a job. Teachers must think before they react and choose their words carefully.

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We expect our students to be respectful to us and we should, in turn, be respectful to them at all times. This isn’t always easy, but you must always handle interactions with students in a positive manner. You should never berate or embarrass a student. It is best to address them separately from the class. The key is to talk to them, not down to them.

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Pursuant to the “respect is earned” theory, unnecessary family conflict will be avoided if both partners learn to respect each other. As the head, the husband ought to appreciate the effort his wife is making as a home-maker and a career woman. On the other hand, the wife should attempt to stick to the Biblical teaching of submitting to her husband. This way, the husband will feel respected. All in all, respect must be mutual. It is unrealistic and oppressive to expect submission if one treats others inhumanely. The give-and-take attitude holds true in this regard.

Atticus is a great leader of his family, teaching his children morals and life lessons....

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Iago and Moriarty’s obsessive behavior greatly effect Othello and Sherlock’s lives respectively that provide a solid argumentative comparison between the two.

I have seen her in class with her students and how they have so much respect for her.

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Even the simplest form of interaction, which is the relationship between friends or spouses, calls for a strict observance of certain morals and values. These values range from honesty and co-operation to mutual respect. Although all of them are crucial to a successful interaction, it has become evident that respect is of paramount importance. The major reason why respect is core to a relational development is embedded in the fact that in every situation there is some sort of relational hierarchy, whether express or implied.

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There is an old adage, that respect is earned. This statement is particularly common in marriages or romantic relationships. Marriage and relationship counselors often have to mediate between spouses who have quarreled or even fought. In this age of the independent woman, there is the contention that both husband and wife are equal in marriage. The wife will argue that since she, too, is contributing towards the fulfillment of family needs, she should have a voice on all matters. The same independence is behind the increasingly prevalent assertion that the husband should also take active roles in domestic chores. The typical man will term this as utter disrespect.