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They demolished houses, smashed pottery and other possessions, scattering flowers over them. Amid the ruins they built a brand new city — a sparkling ceremonial center with pyramids, plazas, temples, ornamented stairways and ball courts, presided over by a king and royal court. On the temple terrace they mounted snarling masks of the Jaguar Sun God.

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This paper and the consultation itself will discuss Central America’s regional approach for providing protection and assistance to political refugees in the 1980s and 1990s through the Cartagena Declaration and the International Conference on Central American Refugees (Spanish acronym, CIREFCA), since these efforts pursued cross-border and regional cooperation on protection issues. It also recognizes the region’s current efforts to address the protection challenges associated with mixed migration within a general environment of violence and crime, such as through the Regional Conference on Migration.

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More than 100 Participants from Central American countries, Mexico, Colombia, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, representatives from the Nansen Initiative, as well as representatives from regional and international organizations, civil society, and research institutions, met in San Jose, Costa Rica from 2-4 December 2013 for the second Nansen Initiative Consultation on “Disasters and Cross-Border Displacement in Central America: Emerging Needs, New Responses.” The majority of participants recognized cross-border displacement in the context of disasters as a very important issue for the region. They welcomed the Nansen Initiative, which is a state-led, bottom-up consultative process intended to build consensus on a protection agenda addressing the needs of people displaced across international borders in the context of natural disasters, as well as the effects of climate change.

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One day in the final century B.C.E., the people of Cerros made a momentous decision

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During the nineties Verso set up an office in New York, and secured its reputation in a number of established and emerging fields. Major advances were made by Giovanni Arrighi and Immanuel Wallerstein in historical sociology, Fredric Jameson and Franco Moretti in cultural and literary theory, Robin Blackburn in the history of slavery, Robert Brenner in economic theory, Roberto Unger in social theory, Peter Gowan and Gopal Balakrishnan in international relations, Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe in political theory, and with David Harvey's rethinking of geography and capital. A new edition of the Communist Manifesto, on the 150th anniversary of its original publication, quickly became a global bestseller. Perry Anderson's essays on world politics, the trajectory of intellectuals, and the decline of Europe—in A Zone of Engagement and English Questions—became important reference points, not just for the Left.

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09/09/2017 · Maya ballplayers were often depicted in the artwork of vases

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