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Operation: Desert Storm began on January 15th in 1991

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The Apollo 13 drama supposedly showed what great problem solvers worked at NASA. My father once related an anecdote to me regarding what great problem solvers the Mission Control people were. A common phenomenon regarding technical efforts such as the space program is that flying was not just what the astronauts did. Most people in the Mission Control Room were avid amateur aeronauts. They either flew private planes, were ex-fighter pilots such as Gene Kranz, or they were "nerds" who flew model airplanes, balloons, and model blimps. One day at the water cooler, the amateur model balloonists were talking about their blimps and balloons and how high they could go. They were having a lively conversation about how they could get their blimps and dirigibles to go higher. They decided that if they could somehow increase the air pressure in the balloons, they could accomplish their goal. They were brainstorming on how to get increased pressure in the blimps. My father walked by and heard their conversation. It is elementary physics that increasing the pressure in a blimp would increase its weight and make it , not lighter. Increasing the pressure would make the blimp , not go higher. My father listened to their conversation in amazement and butted in. He asked them to remember Archimedes and why things float. He said that their brainstorming was going in the opposite direction of making their blimps to go higher. They looked at my father as if he was crazy. As he told me that story many years ago, he said in awe, "And those people put men on the Moon!" That may not lend much evidence to the "faking it" hypothesis, but is an example of some pretty poor problem solving. The “problem solving” that happened on the Apollo 13 mission was orders of magnitude more difficult than that. That kind of thoughtless behavior displayed at the water cooler . It is called “forgetting the basics.”

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At the helm of the American merchant mariners role during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm was the Military Sealift Command.
There were various attempts to end the conflict peacefully, but Iraq left no other choice but to unleash Operation Desert Storm.

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Operation Desert Storm Operation: Desert Storm began on January 15th in 1991

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