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The setting of the novella by , Ethan Frome, that of the harsh New England winter, not only provides the backdrop of the story but also adds depth to the characters and provides a glimpse into their reasoning. Throughout the book, the village is described with words like the following:

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Ethan lives in a world of sick people and he is much affected by it.

Another thing that represents a constraint and that makes the characters feel like prisoners is Starkfield, its climate, its surroundings, and the isolated position of the Fromes’ farm.

Write an essay that explores the nature of Ethan Frome„s tragedy.

in an in-class debate and possibly the crafting of a short argumentative essay, .Suggested essay topics and study questions for Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome.

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You might never read another book quite like this one. Edith Wharton performed a boldly original literary experiment when she wrote Ethan Frome. This novella is unusual, from voice to punctuation to structure to the story itself. But once you get into it you will find yourself captured – like the characters – between Starkfield's natural beauty and its serious creepiness.

Love triangles are nothing new, but Wharton presents this timeless topic with an eerie twist in Ethan Frome. Think 's (where things come back from the dead altered, yet gruesomely recognizable) meets 's (where characters are marked physically by their infidelities).

So we challenge you: give Ethan Frome a chance and then tell us if you've ever read a love story like this before.

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But back to Ethan Frome. This novella is one of Wharton's most famous stories, in part because of its extremely raw portrait of the poverty-stricken residents of the fictional town of Starkfield, Massachusetts. And by extremely raw, we mean extremely raw. These folks are not happy. Throw in a creepy and kind of incestuous love triangle, and you've got yourself a treasure chest of broken dreams.

Benson AP Literature Composition: 2010 Ethan Frome—1980 AP Free-Response Essay--Period 4 1980.

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- A essay on Ethan Frome presents the opportunity to look at literature from the view of the early 20th Century Victorian Era Romantics.

- Wharton’s novel Ethan Frome, although brief, embodies its themes effectively.

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We will be completing classroom assignments, analysis of characters and the work as a whole, reviewing historical context, essays, .Works referred to on the AP Literature exams since 1971 (specific years in parentheses) Please Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton.

- Wharton’s novel Ethan Frome, although brief, embodies its themes effectively.

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AP Language Composition focus: American Literature focus: Extended Texts: Ethan Frome (Wharton) The Awakening (Chopin).Critical Essays Use of Literary Tools in Ethan Frome In Ethan Frome, Wharton's descriptive imagery is one of the most important features of her simple and .AP® English Literature and Composition.