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This 8 page paper presents an exegesis of Chapters 16 and 17 in Genesis. The messages contained in Genesis 16 through 17 continues the theme of relationships that is found throughout the entire Book of Genesis, relationships between man and God and relationships among the people. It is in these chapters that God again promises Abraham and Sarah a son and in which God reaffirms His covenant but this time, it is conditional and applies to Abraham and all his descendents. This essay presents an exegetical hypothesis and cites Wesley, Henry, and Jamieson's commentaries on these chapters. Sarah and Abraham's loss of patience and belief in the promise God made is discussed along with their weakness, leading to temptation. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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Victor Hamilton, a prolific writer, leading scholar, and accomplished commentator presents us with Exodus: An Exegetical Commentary. Drawing on decades of classroom experience, Hamilton offers here a comprehensive exegesis of the book of Exodus. The commentary proceeds pericope-by-pericope some of which are quite large (e.g. 19.1-25), and others which are smaller (e.g. 27.20-21). For each pericope, Hamilton provides an original translation which resembles the way the biblical text appears in a standard pew Bible. This translation is then followed by detailed grammatical and lexical notes, and finally by the commentary proper. The technical language present in the grammatical and lexical notes in no way appears in the commentary itself, and so non-specialists will have much to gain from hamilton's comments.

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The commentary is formatted in a cohesive very readable "essay style" and does not employ sectional breaks for each verse. Rather, Hamilton provides an essay on each pericope and he attunes the reader to what verse(s) the commentary is addressing by placing chapter-verse notations in the margin. Hamilton also relates Exodus to the rest of the Bible, provides introductory on Exodus' theology, and provides extensive indices and bibliography.

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