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After one, half-successful fire-starting endeavor, and several other pitiful attempts, the hopelessness of the man’s lone struggle against the hostile environment of the Yukon begins to become apparent.

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That's what I believe Robert Frost's poem Fire and Ice is meant to express.

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This shows how the poem functions on two levels, with desire and hate destroying the human race, and fire and ice destroying the actual (physical) earth.

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Therefore, through his life experiences, Frost must have determined that these two emotions, desire and hate, are just as destructive as their counterparts, fire and ice.

Bronte expresses fire as an emblem of Jane's passion which is "alive, glancing, (and) devouring".

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He eventually makes a fire to thaw out his “ice muzzle” to eat but leaves the warmth of the fire soon afterward, and he continues to chew tobacco, once again, turning his eye muzzle.

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Literary critics claimed that London used many metaphors in this work such as "sun-fire-life" or "cold-darkness-depression-death"(20), but May argues that this story should be read and interpreted literally and does not contain deep, dual or metaphorical meaning....

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Samuel Pepys described the fire as “A most malicious bloody flame, as one entire arch of fire of above a mile long… the churches, houses and all on fire and flaming at once, and a horrid noise the flames made.” (Britain Express 1).

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Jack London’s “To Build A Fire,” both 1902 and 1908 versions, cause distress in readers’ minds and make them wonder how a simple topic of surviving in the cold can turn out so horrific.

Campfires, although fun, have a serious process and must be treated as something serious.

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Although it started as a small fire in a baker’s shop and the official death toll was low, nevertheless the Great Fire of London heavily impacted England’s social, political, and economic history because the outcome allowed for changes in...

Ice stiffens and restricts those it affects and throughout the novel is used in an effort to control this fire, and in this extract symbolises Mrs.

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The first two lines in Fire and Ice express the choices, "Some say the world will end in fire, / Some say in ice.'; I feel that he uses the term fire not to hold the direct meaning of a burning fla...

Through the years the America Fire Service has recognized the need to build and maintain effective emergency response capabilities.

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Despite the fatalism illustrated in naturalism, the characters in London's 'To Build a Fire' and Crane's 'The Open Boat' are ultimately responsible for their choices and consequences of their choices....