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- Founded in the 11th Century the Order of St. John is also known as The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta. The upper grades are fastidiously aristocratic and must be able to display a family coat-of-arms dating back at least 300 years in unbroken succession from father to son.

Max Weber and Karl Marx are among the founding fathers of sociology.

Even the Founding Fathers of our country indulged in gripe sessions

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Jefferson was not an exception and he was not pulling a textual fast one on the other signers. The summary of Deism observes “Many of the leaders of the French and American revolutions followed this belief system, including John Quincy Adams, Ethan Allen, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Thomas Paine, and George Washington.” Many direct quotes from these Founders substantiate this claim.

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At its height, Deist thought influenced and was influenced by the theology and practices of liberal Protestant sects, especially those of the more individualist kind and most especially the Quakers (a very large and influential faction during the Revolutionary period). Thus, even though some of the Founding Fathers were not explicitly Deist, all found Deist language in the Declaration acceptable.

“Would anyone seriously be able to identify John Witherspoon from a lineup of our founding fathers?”

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While what you actually state that Mormon (LDS) Doctrine holds is correct, what you associate it isn’t a part of Mormon doctrine. We don’t believe that the Founding Fathers were acting to establish a christian religious state at all, just that they were divinely led to do the things what they did in establishing a nation in which the Gospel could be restored. We similarly believe the Martin Luther and Columbus were inspired to their accomplishments which opened up the gates of opportunity and religious freedom, even though we’d don’t agree with their religious doctrines at all.

It's finally time to add Skull & Bones to the list of organizations the Pilgrims Society recruits the founders and-or leaders of. - -

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Though it was unclear as to how the colonies would create a New World order, most of the Founding Fathers had agreed upon a single point – that they would avoid the “balance of power” politics that had long reigned in Europe....

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There’s more where that came from. All this to say, any simplistic understanding of the Founders as somehow opposed to orthodox Christianity, or all Deists is foolishness. Also foolishness is the idea that Deists were simply atheists. Absolutely not. As deists, they believed that nature revealed the existence of God, even if that God was something different from what traditional Christianity said it was. The DoI and Constitution were built (and here I’m giving my opinion) on the common overlap between the two–that whatever disagreements the theologically diverse Founders had, they all agreed that nature’s God demanded virtue from them.

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David Holmes of William and Mary sort of beat you to this in his book Faiths of the Founding Fathers. I heard him present his thesis at of all places Liberty University with no dissent on his thesis – hmmm guess some conservative Christians aren’t so narrow minded after all.