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His rejection of his intellectual mentors --the ""-- precedes his repudiation of the Creature and repeats,transferentially, the dislocation of his privileged position inthe family.

Künstlerische Leitung: Dina Kabele & Michael Schefts

But can we confidently identify the real monster in thestory and the nature of his misdeeds?

Film & Schnitt: Sebastian Datzreiter

Many of these are archetypes, the basic building blocks for all characters. These archetypes go back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. The reason they appear cliche is just because they have not yet been properly developed into interesting and dynamic characters.

Beeindruckend in Wort und Bild!!

Technically though Bilbo Baggins wasn't "compelled by circumstances bigger than himself". One of the keys to the story is that he goes on the adventure in order to have an adventure, it may be forced on him at first but he goes willingly and for no reason other than to satisfy his unhobbitlike urge for excitement.

Moers does not mention OttoRank, but it is clear that she offers a female revision of.

Frankenstein's last wish was forhim and Elizabeth to marry one day.

She's mysterious and seductive, and boy, is she dangerous. She has only her own interests at heart, and God help you if you get in her way. She's got wiles and she's not afraid to use them.

Moers also brings in compellingbiographical information on Mary Shelley's personal tragedies.

His brief infatuation with science is agood example.

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With one exception, all of her children died eitherin infancy or in early  childhood.

Quite simply, Victor protests toomuch.

In defence of the author Walter White isn't quite the archetype of the Mad Scientist. Reading the description in the original post it is reasonable to make such an assumption but I feel that the scientist usually is not quite right in the head and seeks to fulfil his research to 'change the world' while Walter was about dealing with his health issues and securing the future of his family.

Theparallels between the ancient myth and the Gothic novel arestriking.

A similar situation arises in when Mr.

Despite theawkwardness in terminology -- "narcissistic schizophrenic"conflates two quite different psychiatric classifications --Trop accurately describes crucial elements of VictorFrankenstein's personality.