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Pine tree tops gary snyder analysis essay

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“I don’t write to point fingers or criticize anyone in particular, but just to raise awareness of the way we have been living on earth for a long time,” Snyder says. “Of course, East Asia — China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan — have done a wonderful job considering everything else. I really admire East Asian culture enormously. If I am critical of it, it is a criticism that comes from appreciation and the hope that Japan, with its problems, will be able to do a little better than contemporary China right now.”

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Time moved on, technology rewrote the boundaries of research, and, as Snyder details: “I looked over my material again and thought, ‘The information is still valid, still helpful. It has not been superseded, and I could make this into a useful small book for China and the world so that all of us would have a better idea of what China has gone through, historically.’

Gary Sherman Snyder, the son of Harold and Lois Snyder, was born in San Francisco, California, on May 8, 1930.

Gary Snyder's beautiful essay Reminds me, of course, of Coleridge: ..

Enter the mind of American poet and scholar Gary Snyder and watch as time pulls back, perspectives shift and an epoch passes in a single blink. His newest book of prose, “The Great Clod,” is a series of essays on Asia’s ecological history, combining culture and politics in a way that is, unsurprisingly, poetic and graceful.

˜⇇ Nobody Home: Writing, Buddhism, and Living in Places [Gary Snyder]

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After running the Family Medicine office for 30 years, while raising a family, Connie is finding it difficult to stay completely retired. She has gone on to helping her son, Jonathan, start a Biggby Coffee franchise in St. Marys, OH. She does this by continuing her knack for bookwork from home for the one year old business. Connie also continues to help with the family farm after the death of her father, Charlie Beougher, in 2004. Today she helps when brother Gary Beougher needs her.

When the Sells looked toward their retirement, they knew that travel would be in the picture. So far, they have enjoyed several overseas trips with their friends, Patty and Bud Schoenleben. These trips have included visits to Italy, the Holy Land, and Egypt. In Italy, their cruise took them from Venice to Croatia, then to Sicily and Rome. In the Holy Land, they visited all of the Holy sites including; Jerusalem, the temple, Galilee, the Dead Sea, Golan Heights, Israel, Egypt, and the Jordan river- where Connie was baptized. In Egypt they visited Cairo, the Museum of Antiquities, and the pyramids. The goal of their trips will now involve learning from the Road Scholar Program. Link Here. Some trips they have already had the pleasure to experience have been Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and the Grand Canyon. The Sells were led by an 85-year old geology professor who shared his knowledge of Earth with them.
They soon hope to enjoy the Road Scholar trip they are currently planning to Ireland, in celebration of their 2016, 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Traveling for them will not stop at enjoyment and enlightenment trips though, they intend to participate in medical and general mission trips. The Sells wish to participate in at least one mission trip per year. The most recent trip was a group led by Nathan Boggs, from New Horizons Community Church to Big Laurel Missions, KY. This trip served the less fortunate in our country. Jerry and Connie along with son, Jonathan, and other New Horizons members spent several days helping to complete homes for the area residents. Dr. Sell has done three mission trips to Honduras, accompanied on one by Connie. He has also done a medical mission trip to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Dr. Sell is considering a return trip to Haiti (possibly to help Carrie Stoller, CNP) as well las a return trip to Sierra Leone, Africa. His previous Sierra Leone trip was with Dr. Ron Baker through the United Brethren Church missions. Connie is also considering a trip to Haiti.

Looking back at their lives, becoming a family medicine doctor has made all the difference to their family and this community, which they have served so faithfully for 40 years. Dr. Sell said, “It has always been a team effort with Connie by my side.” After graduation at Rockford High School, they married. Connie was by his side when he attended Middletown School of Nursing, during his stint in the U.S. Army, from 1967-1970, as a preventative medicine instructor. His service led to the Army Commendation Medal for acts of heroism and extraordinary or meritorious service. When the couple returned to Ohio, he received his Bachelor of Science and Microbiology degree-cum laude in 1970; medical degree-cum laude in 1976; and residency at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Dayton in 1979, for “family medicine” practice. Dr. Sell completed in full-range and surgical obstetrics.

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A non-traditional syllabus, from Naropa, for a class focusing on "Philip Zenshin Whalen and Gary Snyder's early processes of artistic synthesis and fusion along with their Buddhist appropriations and assimilations." Contains archival audio clips

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Prague Writers' Festival director Michael March interviews Gary Snyder about environmental and social responsibility. The Guardian, 30 May 2007

'Earth House Hold' is a collection of poems, essays and journals by Gary Snyder

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Although he steadily worked on the “small article” for years, part of his drive to finish it stemmed from Snyder’s life choices. After dharma bumming it with the literary Beats in the ’50s he spent nearly 10 years traveling throughout Japan and Asia. Snyder, a Buddhist practitioner raised in rural Washington, finally settled down in the wilds of California in 1971. Living off the grid, years passed by as life and other writing projects took priority. Snyder also realized that without access to university libraries for pertinent research, the project could not be properly completed.