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One of Vidal's most effective strategies as a writer has been to make the public aware of his opinions through his very popular and controversial works....

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The sweeps become ever more invasive and tense until Vincent's boss, Director Josef (Gore Vidal) is discovered to be the killer, ironically by DNA evidence found on the corpse.

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His father Eugene Vidal, worked for the Roosevelt administration, his grandfather was Senator Thomas Prior Gore of Oklahoma, and his mother had connections with the Kennedy’s through John F.

Gore Vidal has been and continues to be an influential figure in American literature.
This essay is basically of the author Gore Vidal wanting to legalize all drugs.

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We feel that if drugs were legal there would be more crime than there is with drugs being illegal.
Overall we believe that Vidals argumants were strong and his essay was succesful.

Visit to a Small Planet was written by the playwright Gore Vidal in 1956.

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Of course, Tagore penned other autobiographical accounts by the names of Europe Jatrir Patro or "Letters from Europe" and Manusher Dhormo or "The Religion of Man", but the stories of his young days mesmerized me for the longest time.

Gore Vidal’s life must be explored to understand why he wrote his plays.

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