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Im now applying in an MBA program. My university administrator told me that : “I wanted to let you know that our department has reviewed your application and we’d like to recommend you for admission. However, because your Graduate GPA was calculated at a 2.66 (which is below the minimum requirement of a 3.0), we will need to request Special Approval for you to be formally admitted. Therefore, it would really help if you could write an essay explaining your low GPA and how you plan on succeeding in the MIM program. Once you send me this, we will put your application through for special review.”
How many words should I write in that essay? Do you have in recommendation for my case?

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Should You Discuss a Low GPA in Your Graduate Admissions Essay

I need help writing an essay about this gpa statement should explain your low undergraduate coursework gpa as well as the reasons you believe you will be able to be successful in a rigorous masters degree program 300 words max

Graduate Admission Essay For Low Gpa

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