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John Granger’s contribution to the crowded world of Harry Potter thinking since 2002 has been his insistence that Harry’s adventures be read as any other very good book rather than dissected as a sui generis phenomenon. This perspective has allowed him to explain how the magic of the books is not a departure from the traditions of English fantasy and, mirabile dictu, is even edifying Christian reading. On this weBlog John tries to focus on the artistry of and patterns employed by Ms. Rowling in the world’s most popular novels; using the keys of iconological and formalist criticism to unlock the greater meaning and power of Harry Potter, whence Potter-mania. He welcomes your comments in the boxes after his posts.

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Friday, 22:35 on BBC One Jonathan Ross continues his current series. Guests include Academy Award-winning force of nature Whoopi Goldberg; Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs; and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert star, Jason Donovan. Plus Antony and the Johnsons perform their new single Kiss My Name live in the studio.

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He has been a Featured and Keynote Speaker at Harry Potter conferences in Boston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Toronto, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Illinois, San Francisco, St. Andrews (Scotland), and Ottawa in addition to giving talks and classes on symbolist literature and iconological criticism at schools and other venues around the US. Granger has been a guest speaker at more than fifty major colleges and universities including Princeton, the Torrey Honors Institute (Biola), Pepperdine, Washington & Lee, La Salle, Cornell, Penn, Yale, the University of Chicago, Baylor, the New York C. S. Lewis Society, the New York Public Library (Mid Manhattan), and the Past Watchful Dragons C. S. Lewis Conference. He has given more than 100 radio, newspaper, and television interviews.

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Poor Harry Potter is stuck spending another summer with his odious relatives, the Dursleys, who really should've had Child Protective Services called on them years ago. After putting up with lots of rotten treatment, Harry finally loses his temper and blows up his Aunt Marge (like a balloon, not like a bomb). So Harry hightails it out of Number 4 Privet Drive and gets picked up by the Knight Bus, which takes him to Diagon Alley and thus back to the wizarding world.

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The topic of your slide will be a harry potter a character that you find genuinely interesting—that will make the assignment more fun. Also, if you know something about the person, it will allow you to focus your effort on using Word—that’s the point of this assignment.

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