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In an engaging set of experiences, mirroring some of Harry’s, you will explore issues of identity, alliances, team work, spiritual gifts, life’s direction, temptations, moral choices, courage and faith.
The event was newsworthy because of the inherently volatile tensions that continue to be perceived between Harry Potter and Christianity.
Not only did the book sell 11 million copies in the first 24 hours of release (in only three markets) – breaking all previous sales records and becoming the fastest selling book in history it also shattered the religious opposition to Harry Potter with its inclusion of specifically Christian motifs, themes and plot events.

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And what are the basic structures of mythology in the books of Harry Potter?

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Many schools that bussed their students to movie theatres on opening day (November 16) now use Harry Potter curricula to continue the informal dialogue led by trained teacher-facilitators.

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The fact that there have been a few isolated cases of Harry Potter book burning by fundamentalist religious groups should not lead us to the assumption that all Christians are anti-Potter.

The following is a summary of some of the early Christian responses to the Harry Potter series.

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Christians who have read the series even find that they can be useful instruments for spreading the gospel message.
Christians who approve of Harry Potter have trouble accepting the argument that Narnia or the Lord of the Rings – which also feature magic, spells, warfare, mythological symbols, talking animals and half-breeds like elves and centaurs – are better material for Christian children.

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If your kids do develop a taste for Harry Potter and his wizard friends, this interest might just open them up to an appreciation for other fantasy books with a distinctly Christian worldview.

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Abrahamson's research may show the transforming power of storytelling within a classroom setting, but his analysis can be applied to the entire field of edutainment -- especially to the Harry Potter phenomenon and its mind-changing movie.

In the series, Harry Potter knows love and it is this power that enables him to defeat Voldemort.

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The fear is that children reading the Harry Potter books and playing around with make-believe spells and magic may end up being drawn towards more occult practices later, or even accidentally contacting real evil spirits.

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Harry Potter’s enemies are also sometimes disguised as or have taken over the appearance of someone else.
Throughout the seven novels, it becomes clear that Dumbledore has more information about the truth of things than he is willing to share, and has a definite plan in store for Harry, even though he won’t tell him what it is.

Incidentally, a passage from the book of John concerning love can be used in defense of Harry Potter.

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Rowling’s story, which she has described as an epic novel in seven parts rather than a book with six sequels, is an epic novel of good versus evil, where the heroes require help beyond natural strength, and where good wins out.
Supporters of Harry Potter point out that the plot revolves around a battle between good and evil, and also that Jesus Christ has at least a little in common with Harry Potter.