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Be sure the workplace supports healthy eating programs by providing time for employees to go to information sessions, offering appropriate foods in the cafeteria and vending machines, and by providing refrigerators and microwaves so that meals can be stored and prepared appropriately.

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Cafeteria Food Essay | Bartleby

Finally, the previous Request for Proposals (RFP) for food service vendors focused mainly on low-cost as a priority, with few other factors included. The college community wants to attract food service providers that are dedicated to other factors: using local food sources to minimize the carbon footprint; promoting recyclable materials and recycling efforts; serving several healthier alternatives which include food in support of our diversity efforts across campus; and incorporating educational aspects into the delivery of food (such as calorie counts, backgrounds of the foods being prepared, and world food awareness). The college community is very concerned with a low-price option, but other factors are equally important in creating a viable and inviting cafeteria.

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We also pay attention to the student experience, how is the food presented, how pleasant the dining experience is and how parents and other school staff engage in supporting healthy school food.HSC’s theory of change for creating healthier school food environments is centered on which are critical to the success of school food programs.These include district-level pathways such as strong nutritional standards, procurement practices and finance; school-level pathways including teaching and learning, community engagement, the dining experience and marketing and communications; and pathways at the school cafeteria level including kitchen facilities, professional development and waste management.

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Arrange for the on-site cafeteria to offer a range of healthy food choices.

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Healthy cafeteria food essay

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