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But many school officials and parents say that closing campuses is necessary at a time when roads are more crowded and inexperienced student drivers are vulnerable to distraction by friends, not to mention text messages, as they rush to and from campus. In a 2005 report, researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill found that open-lunch policies at high schools in three local counties contributed to a higher rate of crashes among teenage drivers, and also increased the likelihood of multiple passengers in a car.

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 Also if Oak Creek High School has off-campus lunch, the school would save more money.

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Three weeks ago, the 2,600-student West Hempstead district in Nassau County became the latest to suspend its open-campus policy after two high school students were fatally injured in a lunchtime car accident; the school board is reviewing the policy. A third district, Jericho, closed its campus after a high school student was crushed by a vehicle in the parking lot in 2005, and more than a dozen others across Long Island have re-evaluated or tightened their open-lunch policies in recent years, according to school officials and parents.

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Across the country, more districts are deciding that they are better off without open lunch periods. Fort Worth, Tex., closed its 13 high school campuses at lunchtime this year after finding that in addition to becoming involved in traffic accidents, students were more likely to skip classes before and after lunch. Peoria, Ariz., a suburb of Phoenix, also closed its high school campuses at lunchtime this year after a contentious debate that divided parents and school board members and led 1,200 students to walk out of class in protest.

If the other schools in the country offer an open-campus lunch, why can’t the Oak Creek High School student body also have an open-campus lunch?
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Make off-campus lunch possible for upperclassmen. With more than two years of high school under our belts, braces freshly off and more than 50 hours experience behind the wheel, we should be eligible. Make off-campus lunch an incentive for underclassmen to achieve as upperclassmen.

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There are pros and cons for each scenario, area school officials say. On Tuesday, Palo Duro High School required all grades to stay on campus for lunch.

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