How to hook a reader in an essay

That same night, Hook joins Emma, Henry, Regina, and David as they celebrate Gideon's defeat and their unity as a family. He later finds David unconscious outside Emma's house and urges him to wake Snow so he can rest, but David snaps at him, stating he doesn't need advice from a pirate. The next day, Hook talks to Archie about David still seeing him as a no good pirate, and his fears of not getting his blessing to propose to Emma. On Archie's suggestion, he goes to ask for David's permission, but loses the opportunity when David drags him on a mission about his father . Hook dislikes David's plan to sneak into Emma's shed to get potions since they'd be lying and stealing, however, David loses patience with Hook's apparent honor streak and asks him to drop the act. When Emma unexpectedly shows up, Hook stalls her by sharing the emotional turmoil he felt after almost losing her to Gideon. Later, Hook and David use the potions to find out Robert's prior to his death, which August confirms is where he saw Robert with . David realizes is responsible for his father's death, and he leaves Hook cuffed to a bike rack when the latter opposes seeking revenge. Hook eventually escapes and stops David from killing Albert. In response, a furious David lashes out about how his father was good up to the end and still died because of it, and reveals his fears about going down the same path. Hook agrees not to hinder David if killing Albert will make him feel better, but asks if he can live with what he's done, knowing that Robert lived for the sake of making his son proud. As David breaks down in tears, Hook offers reassurance and hugs him. Later that night, David apologizes for compromising Hook's integerity, and even thinks he won't be able to pay him back for persuading him out of vengeance. Having an idea of what might suffice, Hook finally asks David for his blessing, which David consents to. On his way home, Hook receives missing storybook pages from August and recognizes a photo of David's father as a man he killed long ago. He hides the pages when Emma comes out to welcome him back, and after she has gone in, he opens the ring box, studying it with a conflicted look before snapping it closed.

How to hook a reader in an essay

How to hook a reader in an essay positivist and classical criminology essay

How to hook a reader in an essay

Hearing that Emma is returning to town without having gone dark, Hook triumphantly announces this to Mr. Gold, whose plans for an evil savior have been halted. After having a warm reunion with Hook and Henry, Emma avoids her parents, before introducing Lily to Maleficent. Hook then takes Emma to the dock, where they view the horizon and he persuades her into forgiving her parents. He agrees that they messed up by lying to her, but they did it with good intentions of protecting her. The couple later find David nursing a wounded Mary Margaret after Lily, in dragon form, attacked her. Going by Hook's advice, Emma reconciles with Mary Margaret, realizing her mother made a human mistake out of a desire to protect her.

How to hook a reader in an essay

At the town line, Hook witnesses Elsa tear down the ice wall. Even so, some of Ingrid's magic remains and this prevents those who leave Storybrooke from re-entering. To return home, the Arendelle natives rely on Emma to find a portal. As his heart is squeezed by Mr. Gold, Hook tells him about the current situation. Knowing Belle's past affinity with Anna, Mr. Gold wishes for his wife to remain ignorant of her presence. Catching on, Hook recalls Anna is also familiar with the Sorcerer's hat. Mr. Gold orders him to keep Anna away from the pawnshop. The two men are later led by the Apprentice's broom to an abandoned mansion. On the way there, Hook vows, in his next life, he'll make Mr. Gold pay for enslaving him. Inside the mansion, he learns a powerful Sorcerer once brought Ingrid to by portal, and now, the Apprentice's broom is leading them to it. Once the portal door is unveiled, Mr. Gold assumes controls Hook via his heart and has the pirate inform Emma about the new development. She senses something amiss, but he, unable to disobey Mr. Gold's commands, reassured her nothing is wrong. Upon departure, Hook rebels by briefly grabbing Emma's wrist. At night, he is taken to the clock tower where the stars in the sky sync with the stars in the hat. Emma and Mary Margaret attempt to intervene just as Mr. Gold begins crushing Hook's heart. Armed with the real dagger, Belle forces Mr. Gold to drop the heart before commanding him to bring himself as well as her to the town line. In the aftermath, Emma restores Hook's heart and the two embrace each other with a kiss.

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Learning how to choose good hooks when writing a persuasive essay for college.

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As they sail towards the island of Neverland, Hook talks to Regina about how embittered he feels having his sworn enemy, Mr. Gold, on his ship, especially after spending a lifetime trying to leave Neverland and seek revenge on him. From this, Regina is reminded of something Greg said, which is that villains like her don't get happy endings. She asks for Hook's opinion on it, though he hopes Greg isn't right or they've wasted their lives. Later, Mr. Gold announces his intent of getting him back on his own and proceeds to list off reasons why Emma will fail in this mission; not believing in her parents, in magic, or even herself. Below deck, Hook gives Emma a weapon that used to belong to Neal. Then, they have a toast in Neal's honor. Suddenly, mermaids begin slamming against the ship. Hook attempts to maneuver the ship into outrunning them to no avail. Emma and Mary Margaret catch one on the fishing line while Regina scares off the rest with flame. She then teleports the caught mermaid on board. Hook is disgusted and warns mermaids absolutely cannot be trusted. As they discuss what to do with the sea creature, the mermaid sounds a conch shell and threatens them all with death if they don't free her. Thunder begins brewing in the sky; giving the impression that the mermaid called the storms to arms. Regina decides to freeze the mermaid, which only speeds up the storm. Hook and David begin a fistfight as Mary Margaret and Regina trade physical blows. He is so caught up in his animosity towards David until seeing Emma deliberately jump into the sea and get knocked out by a fallen rigging rope pulley. As David ties a rope around his waist and dives in to save Emma, Hook, Regina and Mary Margaret team up to pull the both of them up, causing the storm to halt. When they reach the shoreline of Neverland, Emma gives everyone a pep talk by admitting the best thing is to not believe in magic, but in each other. She doesn't expect friendship, but cooperation is necessary to save Henry as well as the handiness of each person's skill. Hook follows as David and Mary Margaret trail after Emma into the jungle.

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After Emma's return home, Hook still finds himself unable to move on, suspecting all is not right in Storybrooke. He learns Hades is now in the land of the living, after meeting Arthur, who was recently killed by the god, causing him to fear for Emma's safety. With Arthur's help, he finds the pages from Hades' story hidden behind the god's lair throne. To get the pages to Emma and help her defeat Hades, they track down Cruella, who tells them she placed the book in the River of Souls. Following the boat ride there, Hook and Arthur spot the book in the hands of a gargoyle statue. As Hook goes to it, a lost soul comes out of the water to drag Arthur away. Arthur tells him to focus on his task instead of helping him, but Hook rescues him by burning the soul with a lit torch. On second try for the book, another soul snatches it. Arthur torches the soul, which dissipates and causes the book to nearly fall in the river, but Hook nabs it in time. Hook places the pages in the book, which are replicated in the other book in Storybrooke and helps the heroes defeat Hades once and for all. After Hades is dead, Hook's unfinished business is done, with a pathway opening for his ascension to Mount Olympus. He suggests Arthur can come with him, but the latter decides to stay and fix the Underworld. Upon arrival to Mount Olympus, Hook meets , who thanks him for aiding in Hades' defeat. Zeus escorts him to the place he belongs, and after Hook walks into the light, he ends up in Storybrooke's cemetery, where he's been rewarded with another chance at life. Emma, still in the process of grieving over him, is overjoyed to see him, but in the midst of this happiness, she reveals getting rid of Hades cost Robin's life.

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Writing a good hook would grab the reader’s attention from the beginning of the essay. The persuasive essay hooks engrosses the reader in the first paragraph itself. This can be achieved in a variety of ways for instance using some famous quotations, telling an anecdote, giving a definition of some topic, stating an interesting fact or statistic and many others. The more attractive your hook, the more likely a reader would continue to go through your work as well as be open to the writer’s perspective.