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This book will show you how to help high achievers create outstanding essays while showing the teacher how to help slower students achieve full mastery of the five-paragraph essay.

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The teacher is given everything needed to help students master essay writing.

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Rubrics are essential to grading student assignments effectively. How else would you be able to grade work accurately without specific grading guidelines? For example, writing assignments. Let's say you have 17 writing assignments that you need to grade, with each assignment being 7-8 pages long. How would you go about grading them? It would be a matter of teacher opinion, rather than grading on an accurate and more thorough scale, which every student deserves. This is where rubrics kick in, and this is why they are important to incorporate into your subject and grading guidelines.

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When you grade large works of any kind it is very difficult for even the most competent people to remain 100% objective. We are human and have limits. So how do we take steps to remain fair and objective at all times? It took me about 5 years of teaching to begin to learn that rubrics should be used daily to help teachers remain objective and maintain fairness at all times.

Use the detailed lesson plan to learn how to teach the five-paragraph essay.
Your students will learn to write the five-paragraph essay using one simple, basic format.

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Be prepared to amaze parents, other teachers, and administrators with your students' amazing essays.

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Show your students how to write college level essays by adding spectacular

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