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In the persuasive essay, no matter how many resources and facts the writer has brought forward while , it is often the “call to action” statement that can accentuate the point of the writer.

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(This final statement may be a "call to action" in a persuasive essay.)

1Stephen King, creator of such stories as Carrie and Pet Sematary, stated that the Edgar Allan Poe stories he read as a child gave him the inspiration and instruction he needed to become the writer that he is.

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The writer may be calling the reader to change some health preventative risk management in his/her personal life or in the lives of the people in their community (such as school lunches etc).

If the reason for the call to action is simply a change in a specific area, such as safety to the community, as far as community action; then the writer must use the reasoning of keeping his/her neighbors safe by attempting to change certain regulations or laws within the community as far as traffic or health.

Any of the reasons of the call to action should be defined by the writer and the reader should know exactly what the writer is trying to convey as the “call to action” is pinpointed within the essay.

Write a call to action:Tell them to take actionTell them what to do in two sentencesEnd the essay with an enthusiastic sentence
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There should be a limited number of “calls to action” within an essay; too many focus points of the call to action statement can be confusing and dilute the persuasiveness of the essay.

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There is a reason why the five-paragraph method is the easiest persuasive essay template you can use. In this method, you only need to write a paragraph each for the introduction, the three separate arguments, and the conclusion. However, the tone is also essential in setting the mood and dictating the call for action to the readers as the audience.

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