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While the structure of your essay is important, a good essay must also consist of clearly written sentences. Clear writing is inseparable from clear thinking. A history course is not a writing course or an English grammar course, but it will require you to think and write clearly, and provide rational arguments that are clearly stated and easily understood. As you work, keep a writing guide handy as a reference for the rules of English and for tips on style: you find some recommendations at the end of the module. AU’s also offers guidance as well as short tutorials on all aspects of writing. Follow the link to “Academic Writing Resources.” The more you refer to such aids and practice your writing, the better your communication skills will become.

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In what follows we will briefly discuss the nature of historical writing, lay out a step by step model for constructing an essay, and provide a set of useful observations from our experience as instructors regarding problems that most frequently crop up in student writing.

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This is an overview of the features, elements, and organization of a history essay. Being able to clearly organize and express one’s thoughts is a precious and pleasurable skill. Even during Europe’s darkest age, there were men and women who dedicated themselves to reasoned and eloquent writing.

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Non-language arts teachers often become nervous when they learn they are supposed to teach writing. This attitude is based on a misunderstanding of what "writing" is. Since writing is thinking made visible, educators in all subject areas teach thinking and all should also use and teach analytical writing. This is critically different than narrative, creative, or literary writing. It is not a science teacher's job to nurture the next James Joyce, but to develop students who can clearly read, think, and write "science."

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The two most common ways to organize a history paper are chronologically and topically. Another common way would be geographically, such as the thesis about medieval monarchies described earlier. The essay would describe the degree of centralization of the three kingdoms, and explain the factors of conquest and dynastic success for each. The same thesis could be argued topically, by focusing on factors that determined the power of kings: size of a kingdom, the need for a strong leader, and royal power over the Church. A chronological organization would probably not be as useful for that thesis because it compares countries during the same time period. Chronological organization works very well when we compare different periods, or when we are explaining change over time.

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Each paragraph of the body should focus on a single point and be carefully organized. Once the topic sentence has introduced the main point of the paragraph, you may research and interpret the evidence further to develop the point in the sentences that follow. In a history paper, this type of writing involves referring to primary and secondary sources discussed in Skills Module 2. Module 4 will explain how to use evidence in your essays. The last sentence of a paragraph might offer a conclusion or summary, or it may include a phrase that links to the idea of the next paragraph. Such links help your reader to follow the parts of your essay's argument.